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Atlas Uprising

Best Things that we have Ever Made, Yes Indeed.


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Lore - "An Anomaly Occured in D-Block, dragging everyone in the vacinity. Gensec and D-Class alike were


1. Follow the Atlas Uprising Community Guidelines

2. Do NOT go into No-Man's Land during the Passive Mode Time, you may only enter during War time.

3. As soon as the War Time ends, both sides must head to Debriefing - I.E., end your battle and run away. 

4. Fear RP does not work on this Server. Shoot to Kill.

5. Follow the Orders of the Officers Above you.

6. Do NOT be Toxic in any manner. If you die, just go back to war. 

7. There is NO NLR, as soon as you respawn, you can head back to War.

8. You are NOT allowed to enter the Enemy Side's base. (As in, do not go near their Debriefing area).

9. The Chat is disabled - If you want to type, you can't. If you need help, make a staff ticket. 

10. Enjoy the Server!


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