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What happened?


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So as you may have noticed the forums have changed a little and your account and post are not here.
Well simply to explain it the data we had on the database was destroyed without notice around 9:30 EST.

After further investigation into the matter we discovered the database had corrupted and caused the website to return a 500 error because it could pull correct data. Therefor all data was lost since the database could not simply be transferred it did not work period. This wasn't a security flaw it was simply a common issue many face but our issue was we were using an unreliable database and did not do regular backup well we have learned from that mistake.




Do I have to post my applications again?

Yes, we lost all of that data.


Was it a security flaw?

No, simple corruption of data that went unnoticed turning real bad for the rest, it's like one bad apple scenario.


What are you going to do now?

In order to ENSURE this doesn't occur mainly because of the headache it causes we will be taking weekly backups of the database.

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