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Covid-19 and Atlas Uprising


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Food Safety and the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) | FDA

Why are we making this post?

Atlas Uprising was made for the fun and Covid-19 is most certainly NOT FUN!

We already know everyone is informed about this but we decided putting a statement out because it would be a good resource to the few that read this.


How are we affected?

The management team personally has no change of pace when it comes to this pandemic. Luckily with the preparation on our part to ensure we were able to keep the community alive for 4+ months if something went wrong like loss of all players or some kind of unknown cause. So we were stable to begin with and thanks to all of our members and the recent growth due to the recent Stay-at-home orders being placed in effect.


Useful Links

US Covid-19 Info

UK Covid-19 Info

EU Covid-19 Info

We have tried out best to provide Government links for the most current and relevant information.



We are not Medical Professionals, we do not know Covid-19 like they do we are simply providing some information that someone may find useful!

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