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Trusted Members


"Trusted Member" is a new rank on SCP-RP. This rank is given to players that have proven themselves to be strong roleplayers and trusted members of the community. 


What does it do?:

As of right now this rank grants two major advantages. The first being a visual change to your rank on the scoreboard. 


The second and more important thing that this rank grants is the ability to spawn props. As of right now this rank is limited to 20 props but this may change in the future. Players with this rank will also spawn with a "Tool Gun", a "Physgun", and a "Gravgun"


As of right now these are the only two advantages to having this rank but I can guarantee you that more will come to this rank in the future. 


How can I get it?:


Right now the only way to get it is to be hand chosen by the SCP-RP management or Executive management team. We will be doing some testing with this and seeing how it affects the server. If everything goes well it will become an application based rank and will also be given to players by the management team. 


This doesn't mean that we don't trust all of you, we do. We want to reward players that go above and beyond for our community and that show us an exceptional image of what an "Atlas Uprising Member" should look like. 

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