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[REVIEWED] 1 month ban appeal

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  1. Name : Arnold Vineitti (in game)
  2. SteamID: 7484927347583882
  3. Discord Unique ID : 772578195546439720
  4. Ban Legth (Time) : 1 month
  5. Ban Reason : Player Diss In OOC
  6. Evidence :1713500275380.png
  7. Explain the Situation : Someone was using the announcer, and I was trying to be funny for my freinds and said "stfu" in ooc. I got banend shortly after.
  8. Why I should be unbanned : I wasnt trying to be inherently toxic or disrespect anyone specifically when I said what I said. I was just trying to get a laugh from my freind and diddnt mean anything. I had no idea it was going to be a one month ban. This was my first offence for anything on this server, no verbals either. I never got warned and was just hit with a 1 month ban. I really want to play this server again and dont want this kind of thing on my record. I have re-read the rules, and I am ready to join back in the community. I will not do somthing like this again.
Management check appeals at the end of each month. Thank you for your
and have a great day.

We've decided to lift your ban.

We take toxicity and player disrespect seriously. Specifically if its out of character.

We thank you for your patience as well as your time for appealing.

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Not open for further replies.