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What are your plans for SCP-RP?

[COMM] Zaur

Management Team
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What are your plans for when the server releases?
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Stick to one job, changing my name to something that doesn't sound like a furry, putting myself more in the lore, helping more people, going to more events, actually following the SCP rules without breaking them by accident :(
Hopefully reach my long standing goal of Captain of something. Most likely NTF but I'll see once things get going. Past that, just let the wind carry me from place to place.
Getting Site Command, Aim big or go home I say! I shall play the long game if I must.
In my opinion, I grew more as a person when AU first shut down for its hiatus and I wanted to come back to show that I am a better person, that being in leadership and just a general member of the community. That being said, I just want to make it to NCO in the branch I choose to start in, to me that used to be a pain in the back and I want to push for something I always had in mind back then.

Let me use that one quote from the nice person who fought bad people :D
Bucket List
  • Burn Down CI Base
  • Tackle a RRH on "Accident" again
  • Get a high rank character, then somehow myself PKed
  • Be one CI's top wanted list
  • etc.
Help with getting a branch established and hopefully getting onto site command

In reality, probably pick up some better leadership skills and maybe make it to Spire or something, not a big fan of always fulfilling people's expectations or trying to adhere to them but if the goals match then they match
Twist the chaos insurgency to my will, overthrow Zaur and become the CI Commander...

Oh yeah, then blow up one of Cabooses [REDACTED] events because I get away with things like that.1703869881167.png
I just wanna be D-Class if I'm being honest lol I don't have any interest in much besides being the standard Security Officer or Chaos Insurgent.