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Full name: ****** ******

Job: Mobile Task Force Epsilon-6 Captain

Rank: Captain

Place of birth: Trevignano Romano, Italy

Date of birth:

Upbringing: Dakota was born on the 15th of October to a family of fishers in Trevignano Romano in the country of Italy. His father, Luca Mjölnir was a very well-known member of his town, being one of the best fishermen. His mother Camilla Mjölnir owned a small bakery, being the mother of the town always trying to contribute one way or another. The town of Romano was a very quiet and well-kept place, once a month a trading boat would come in, buy any fish worth taking, and go back to the mainland of Milan to distribute it to their buyers. Dakota was one of 4 siblings being the runt of the litter, always looking up to his 2 brothers, while his 2 sisters simply worked with their mother, taking care of the bakery while the boys wore out on the boat. His brothers, Tony and Enzo were twins, inseparable, one went somewhere, and the other one was not far behind.
On Dakota's 15th birthday, his father took him on his first deep sea voyage; one that only took place twice a year when the tide was just right. Dakota woke up early that day, ready to go. His brothers and sisters still asleep Dakota left the house, slowly walking down to the dock making sure to get the supplies his father had told him to bring. As Dakota made his way to the dock, he noticed a new boat, one he simply did not recognize. He ignored it, probably was seeing things. Dakota finally made it to his father's vessel, Dakota walked up and placed down the supplies moving into the helm of the boat with his father. They both started preparing the ship, setting up the fishing supplies, bait, and the poles, as they were gonna be out all day. As they set off Dakota looked back at the same boat he saw before, noticing people getting off and walking towards the town, "Probably just buyers." He thought.
Several hours into the trip, he and his father were overloading with fish, probably one of the best trips he had made in some time. As they wore packing up, daylight had finally fully come into the town looking over the mountains as the sun peered over the edge. Yet something felt off, something wasn't right, Dakota hopped on the top of the boat, seeing the same boat from earlier leaving the harbor heading south towards the city of Corleone, something was not right, no other ships wore out that day, besides him and his fathers. As the boys slowly made their way back into the harbor they noticed a fire on one of the largest fishing boats on the harbor, as it slowly began to sink, Dakota and Father quickly got out trying to help whatever had happened yet the boat had already been submerged. Luca ordered Dakota to head into town and get help, "Mattone! Ottieni aiuto adesso!" (Dakota! Go Get Help!) He screamed.
Dakota ran trying to find anyone yet what he was met with was, disturbing, as he ran around the corner entering the town's center, a Shreek was heard, Dakota stared at the center, seeing multiple people, tied up and murdered, an execution. Dakota could barely breathe, he screamed, he ran into his mother's bakery hoping to find her, he screamed, "MAMMA! MAMMA DOVE SEI?" (MAMMA! MAMMA WHERE ARE YOU?) No response. He slowly made his way into the back of the store. A door standing in front of him, light on, blood seeping through the bottom. He cried, running out of the shop, and seeing his father staring at the carnage that had taken place. "Dakota , vieni qui adesso!" (Dakota We are leaving!) His father yelled, grabbing his son, heading back to the boat, and leaving the harbor. "Mamma what about mamma?!" His father ignores his pleas. "We can't just leave mamma! TONY AND ENZO ARE STILL AT THE HOUSE!" His father looked back at him, "Stop! we can't stay here!" Dakota looked back at the town as they slowly pulled out of the harbor, and a tear dropped down his face. Dakota would wipe his nose and eyes with his sleeve, "Be strong Dakota, have fun tomorrow my love." remembering the last thing his mother had said to him. Dakota turned sitting down, placing his head on his knees, wondering where Dad was taking him.
Dakota woke up, a few hours later, not knowing where he was, looked at the side and seeing that the boat had been driven onto a beach. Dakota went on top, taking a flashlight and looking for his father, "Papà?" He spoke, "Papà!" He shouted. Silence, Dakota would take the flashlight and look around the boat seeing a small shack in the distance. Dakota gets the courage to get up and move towards the shack slowly creaking open the door, walking inside and seeing his father at the table with a bag, a pistol, and some supplies. Dakota would look around the room, seeing maps with markings, and photos of faces he'd never seen before.
Dakota would sit in front of his father, silently. Dakota not knowing what to do nor what to say, simply grabbed a piece of the fish his father was eating and tried to make himself eat, even tho he wasn't hungry. Dakota would see his father get up and walk outside heading towards the boat, "He's probably grabbing the rest of the supplies we had." He thought. Dakota glanced over at his father's part of the table, he'd see a map with a circle around a city he'd never heard of before, and a short bit of writing, but it was his father's handwriting, it said, "Siamo ribelli contro questo caos. Il nostro percorso è chiaro, la nostra visione non obfuscate. Dobbiamo pulire la feria. Dobbiamo lasciare che il nostro universo guards." (We stand insurgent against this chaos. Our path is clear, our vision unclouded. We must clean out the wound. We must let our universe heal.)

Adulthood: N/A

Cherishes: Family. I love my family, it's the only thing I can't live without. l Bannan Cake. YAYAYAYAYAYAY l The Foundation. My home lies here, I can't live without it, if there was no foundation, I'd have no purpose.

Loves: Fishing. Women fear me, fish fear me, men turn their eyes away from me as I walk, and no beast dare make a sound in my presence I am alone on this barren earth. l MP7. I Love my gun l Felix Winters. My brother l NTF CPT "Crota". A true leader l E6. Welp, I get a new job I guess.

Likes: NTF. My boy's, god-damn do I love it. l SCP-999. Orange popsicle l CPT Crota. Not a bad man, but not one I'd lay down my life for. l Medica. You guys always help out when needed, real brothers over there l GENSEC. You guys deal with D-class and just for that you get a spot in my book.

Neutral: D-class. Very annoying bunch of folks, a shame I have to work with them to even try and keep the site from destroying it self. l RA. You guys kinda annoy me, I don't know why, just do.

Hates: Crowded spaces. I can't stand it, being in a room with that many people just drives me nuts, all those eyes watching every single movement. l Scouts. Stop acting like my brother

Disgusted: Chaos Insurgency. "Papà?" l SCP-682. Fuck you l Addiction. You took so much from me, now I'm working too get it all back.
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