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Starting login phase....
Login as: **********
Authenticating with public key "*************************"
Passpharse for key "*************************"
Welcome to [REDACTED] 12 LTS. Please enter the file you wish to lookup...
**********@10.###.1.27:/var/db/site85/l3/research/personnel/bios/moth$ cd /var/db/site85/l3/research/personnel/bios/moth
**********@10.###.1.27:/var/db/site85/l3/research/personnel/bios/moth$ tail -v -n +1 *

Full Name: Skyler Nightsworth
Status: Off Site
Code Name: 'Moth'

Department: Research Agency

Rank: Jr Researcher

Past Ranks: SA DCOMM for Area-###, Quick Response Team Lead

Place of birth: Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada

Family: Aria Nightsworth - Sister

Gender: Other

Eye colour: Red (Wears cyan contacts)

Bloodtype: AB-


// Everything past here is OOC and for Sky's personal records.

If you see something outdated please reach out via discord or the comments below.

Foundation Comms:
F, L2, L3, <All Branch But MU4, MTF, and SC>, OPEN. (If this is wrong please let me know.)

Personal Comms:
Dr. Mainler //Nox
Dr. Drive // Flash-drive

(OOC) Character Opinions:

Thoughts on Items (EX. Food, Anomalies, Technology, etc.)

Computers: I hate these stupid pieces of trash. They are just annoying and they drive me crazy....

Site Doors: Sometimes you work... Sometimes you just randomly break for no reason...




Pineapple On Pizza: It is really good when paired with pepperoni! The spice of the pepperoni pairs greatly with the sweetness of the pineapple!
Carrot Cake: What... It is just good.....

(OOC) Thoughts on People:



D-Class: If I had my way... You would all would be fed to 939.. But I don't...



CI: You have not hurt me... I wont hurt you. You hurt RA or a researcher tho... We will have a problem....
CMDR Psycho: Thank you for not hurting me. I hope we don't speak again... I don't want to have to think of lies.... I can't remember how to do my job... Let alone explain to you how I do my job.

Medkit: You are a good Doc. You have helped me quite a few times. Thanks.
RA: I will try my best to keep you safe. Thank you for keeping me safe!
Research: You are my people. Most of you are smarter than me.. I don't understand what I am doing... I just lucked in..
HOR: Dude sleeps a lot... But at least he is always on board for wacky ideas.


Character Unique Items:
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