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[ACCEPTED] Amoeba Crisis Application

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Cyberfloyd Fleur

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Player Info

Name: Lucien Entrati

Discord (Your Default Username): cyberfloydfleur

Steam ID (Found Here): 76561198969992363

Current Faction & Branch: CI-RI

Rank Held (RP): Associate Researcher (Foxtrot Clearance)

Do you currently have a DCB? (If not please make one before submitting this application. Depending whether or not your application gets accepted, you will need to add these traits to it.):
Yes although It's very much a W.I.P. I tried the google docs -> picture thing with it and that doesn't really work so well so at some point I'm going to redo it in a different style.

RP Application Questionnaire

Please give an overview of what your RP application entails (200 words):
I'm mainly checking for approval and perhaps advice for an RP situation I'd like to do. It's non-anomalous but it might entail the cooperation of Foundation and CI towards a common goal, so it may step on some lines that aren't crossed on a regular basis.

The RP Scenario I'd like to play out follows my recent RP of finding brain-eating amoeba in the canal water, (Naegleria Fowleri). My character is currently very focused on microbiology subjects and has been studying the local microbes. With Dr. Handeyman and Dr. Mahoney's assistance, I've discovered this microbe from a sample of canal water. Here's some excerpts from the CDC's description of this organism to give you an idea of what we're dealing with.

"People become infected when water containing Naegleria fowleri enters the nose and the amoeba migrates to the brain along the olfactory nerve. People do not become infected from drinking contaminated water. Symptoms start 1 to 12 days (median 5 days) after swimming or having another nasal exposure to water containing Naegleria. People die 1 to 18 days (median 5 days) after symptoms begin." (CDC)
Stage 1 InfectionStage 2 Infection
Severe Frontal Headache
Stiff Neck
Altered Mental Status

Naegleria fowleri -- Primary Amebic Meningoencephalitis (PAM) -- Amebic Encephalitis. Cdc.gov. Retrieved April 13, 2024, from https://www.cdc.gov/parasites/naegleria/illness.html

My plan is to attempt to establish a meeting between members of CI RI and Foundation RA/Research or SC to introduce this issue and discuss ways we can handle it together to eliminate or reduce the risk of our personnel falling victim to this parasite. We could discuss a variety of possible approaches-- Proactive Treatment, developing an immunization, building filtration systems to remove amoeba from the canal water, etc, and enlist the assistance of our fellow faction members in this endeavor to improve the environmental conditions of District-85. If they're interested in getting involved in this, foundation medical branch could also help to diagnose and treat (voluntary) patients who may have been subject to amoeba infection.

This will only proceed if we secure permission from leadership members of both factions of course, and this application if accepted would help leadership not have to worry so much about running into red tape by supporting this initiative if they so choose.

Some Restrictions to prevent issues:
Larger meetings should take place outside of either base to prevent issues with raid activities.
Factions should agree to not exploit this directive.
Amoeba diagnosis & treatment remains consensual rp, nobody should be pressured into rping having a deadly parasite in their body. Roleplay wise it can be considered a potential risk of frequent contact with canal water.
No instant cure-alls. At least two approaches to handling the issue until the mission is considered accomplished.

If this application gets accepted, how can you see this RP benefiting your growth? (100 Words):
I can see this program as helping Entrati to do some more science RP and establish him as an ambitious character seeking to help set up and assist research initiatives in RI and with others. As a character who has been starting to toy around with microbes in the lab quite a bit under the microscope, this experience could perhaps even support his advancement from a masters degree to a Ph.D, marking him becoming a more seasoned and experienced scientist. Additionally, it would even help him to get acquainted with other scientists and faction leadership whom he can work with to accomplish more ambitious experiments.

If this application gets accepted, how can you use this RP to benefit other players’ characters in the server? (100 Words):

I think this could help bolster interest in both research branches and maybe give people a little inspiration of how research can be used for roleplay situations. It would help give people another RP objective to work towards when things are slow on the combat side of things, and can add a little bit to the lore of the new area. Though this situation is essentially non-anomalous, it could promote a sense of direction and unity in research branches working towards a common goal. I also know that not all of foundation necessarily have an opportunity to get involved in RP up on surface, so it might be a fun opportunity for them to get up and out, see the sights, work towards a common goal. It could also help people build up some experiences for their character. If they choose to have their character become infected, it's the kind of thing they could look back on as a difficulty they surmounted.

Be sure to abide by the limits you have set for this application. Have a great day!

NOTICE: SMT reserves the right to revert the acceptance of this RP Application if deemed necessary.
Not open for further replies.