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[ACCEPTED] Melody/Nox CI Application

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[SM] Melody [SCP]

Staff Team
Server Staff
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-OOC Info-
  1. Community Name: Melody OR Nox
  2. Past/Current Character Names: Mill Alexander Mainler, "Nox", "Dreambreaker"
  3. SteamID 64 [Example: 76561198062648488]: 76561198799552412
  4. Discord ID [Example: 527286350437941280]: 395223443785646091
  5. Do you have Teamspeak? If not please download it and make sure you are verified in TS. [Yes/No]: Yes
  6. Do you have discord? if not, please join the AU discord. [Yes/No]: Yes
  7. How many hours do you have in GMOD and AU's SCPRP Server?: GMod: 1849 hours AU: Approximately 500 hours
  8. Please list all warns/bans applied to you within AU: As far as I remember I have had 3 total warns within AU, however I can only remember the details of one, which was a warn given for inappropriate language around 2022-ish.

-OOC Questions-
  1. Have you ever been removed from this Job? (If so, please explain why?): No.
  2. What is a "/me"? Please give an example: A /me is a command that shows an action that your character performs shown to people within text range of your character. They're typically used for things such as breaking out of cuffs or performing RP actions. I.E. /me would twirl the pistol in her hands.
  3. If someone performs a "/me" against you, what do you do?: Depending on the /me, I would respond accordingly in RP, usually rolling with /roll. Should my roll be lower than theirs (assuming it was an action that required rolling) I'd roleplay myself at a disadvantage or if the action had happened to me.
  4. What is a "/roll"? Please give an example: A /roll is a command that rolls a dice on the server, usually used to determine the effectiveness of an action. I.E. Person A. attempts to cuff Person B, rolling a 90. Person B. rolls a 20 and is cuffed.
  5. What is RDM? Please give an example: RDM, or Random Death Match is the rule that you can't simply go around killing anyone for no reason, you must have an In Character reason for killing (or attempting to kill) someone. I.E. a CI PVT goes into town, randomly killing civilians for no reason.
  6. What is NLR? Please give an example: NLR, or New Life Rule is the rule that says that you cannot remember details that happened before you were killed, I.E. you are killed during a raid, therefore you wouldn't know that a raid was happening after you respawn. It also means that you can't leave your spawnroom until 2 minutes since you respawned have passed.
  7. What is FearRP? Please give an example: FearRP is the rule that says you must always value your life in character, as well as meaning that if you have at least 1 gun pointed at you (2 guns if you have a weapon out and unholstered) you must obey their commands. I.E. Person A. has no weapon out and is being threatened by Person B. with a gun out, Person A. must listen to Person B.
  8. When a staff member tells you to get off the job, will you listen to them? (Yes / No): Yes.

-Long-Form Questions-
  1. How does CI view the anomalous? [100+ words]:
    The Chaos Insurgency view the Anomalous as tools to be used, rather than be imprisoned. They tend to utilise and weaponise anomalies as much as (and in any way) possible and are completely opposed to The Foundation's opinion on them. They also have the view that SCPs and anomalies as things that shouldn't be hidden from the public eye, and instead shown to the public, so that they aren't a secret passed within Groups of Interest. CI Research & Development divisions work tirelessly to use anomalies and despite their views on how anomalies should be public, they don't shy away from forcing anomalies to work for them or even eliminating anomalies if needed.
  2. An E6 PVT was just spotted close to CI base, they have no weapons out and are simply standing outside. What would you do? [100+ words]:
    Depending on my rank as well as other circumstances, my actions would change. If I wasn't an NCO and I was the the only person currently guarding the outside, I'd mention on radio to my fellow Insurgents about the E6, making sure to follow any commands given to me by my superiors, only engaging if they pull out a weapon or given the order to. If I was the only Chaos Insurgency member online, I'd simply make a few potshots at the E6, warning them. While in RP I would want to kill them, due to the fact they are a Private and possibly new to the server, I wouldn't want ruin their fun for simply exploring the map or not being sure where to go. If I was an NCO (or higher rank) I'd gather a few other people (as well as saying on radio what I'm doing) and go out to arrest the E6 Private, being cautious for any fellow E6.
  3. You just spotted a CI INT going headfirst into the Foundation alone. What do you do?: At first I'd shout out (or radio/ooc chat) to them to stop them and ask what they're doing, if they were to stop and come back to speak to me, I'd ask what they were doing, before telling them that what they did was wrong and against the rules (solo-raiding) and make sure that they understood this. If they didn't stop, I'd notify staff and their superiors so that they can be dealt with.
  4. In terms of leadership, who would be higher rank? AI CPT or SPIRE SL?: They would be of the same rank.
  5. A SPIRE Operation has just been called, what does this mean?: It means that SPIRE have the authority of ALPHA Command and that I should listen to any commands they give and not get in the way of their objectives.

  1. Do you recognize that while in combat, you will do your best to respect RP situations happening around you? [Yes/No]: I do.
  2. Do you recognize that to climb the ranks you must not only provide good leadership but also RP? [Yes/No]: I do.
  3. Do you recognize that as a member of CI, you will respect others around you and be respectful even during stressful situations? [Yes/No]: I do.
Welcome to The Chaos Insurgency.

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