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CI Medical.png

Legal birth name: Milton Fredrick MelganCode name: 'Melon'
Rank: Lead Medical OfficerDate of Promotion/Demotion: 04/25/2024
Date of Birth: 02/21/2000Date of Death: N/A
Specialist trainings: Medic, HeavyEnlisted: 11/19/2023
Education: 2 bachelor's +2 years into medical residency.Clearance: BRAVO
Position: BRAVO COMMANDCurrent assignment: Cell-85
[Enlistment Information]
11/19/2023: First enlisted into CI as a Medical Intern
12/24/2023: Initiation process completed as Cell-##
02/25/2024: Promotion to PVT
02/25/2024: Transferred to Cell-85
04/11/2024: Trained as a Heavy
04/11/2024: Promoted to PV2
04/12/2024: Promoted to PFC
04/13/2024: Promoted to SPC
04/13/2024: Assigned as Medical Recruiter
04/14/2024: Promoted to LCPL
04/16/2024: Promoted to CPL
04/17/2024: Promoted to SGT
04/21/2024: Promoted to SSG
04/23/2024: Promoted to SFC
04/25/2024: Promoted to MSL
Blood type: A-Implants: N/A
Sex: MaleHeight: 5'5
Age: 24Prescriptions: Neurocaine
[Enlistment Interview]
Date: 22/09/2023
Subject: Recruitment
POI: Milton H. Melgan
Recruiter: Staff Seargent "------"
SSG "------": Welcome and would you please state your name for the records.
Dr. Melgan: Uh, Hello? I am Doctor Milton Melgan.
SSG "------": Thank you and Well Dr. Melgan we are a private Military organization that hopes to make a change in this world, and we need people like you for our medical staff.
Dr. Melgan: I am sorry sir, but I have already made plans to work at my fa-
SSG "------": Please. Hold it for until after I explain the offer. We are well aware and believe what we can give is far greater. As I was saying we have an offer. We have heard of your recent graduation from the Uni, and we are looking for medical personal with credentials similar to you.Our starting pay rate will be 60 dollars an hour, from there if you succeed your pay will increase to a much higher amount. This comes with full health coverage and benefits supplied by your fellow medical personnel.
Dr. Melgan: may I ask why exactly you want me of all people to help you?
SSG "------": We know you quite well and we know what you want. You don't want to take that degree and run back to mommy and daddy, right? We know what you desire freedom from them and all the burdens of life. We believe in the same things here. In the perfection of life at its freest. All we ask is that you patch up some people and keep your head down. So how about it? Would you like to make a change in the world?
Dr.Melgan: ....Yes.
SSG "------": Perfect. Just sign here.
End status: POI Dr. Milton Melgan Recruited.
The Weaponization of Anomalies has long been a part of the Chaos Insurgency's war doctrine. the one-inch warrior, Aegis, etc. Each of these has served as a tool. Yet despite each of these being an important part of our doctrine as a whole each has remained firmly within RI's control. This has only restricted the Power and unity within CI. But finally, it may be that all of CI will benefit from these anomalies not just some pet project of an RI but as a new path to bring us a step closer to a brighter future.
Sector command has made it clear. SEE and its possibilities should be the focus of our vigilant efforts to accrue more knowledge. But this is not your typical anomaly, this is something we all possess something we call should harness. As such I want the medical of staff of Cell-85 to work towards the utilization of SEE and other anomalies to further our knowledge and expertise on how to best care for our fellow Insurgent. Dr. 'Magnus' may claim is 'classified' and purely within his Researcher's grounds, but the commander has made it clear that this is not a secret we keep from one another. SEE and the knowledge we have of it has been made known to anyone who wishes to know more about it. I want to take this a step further we as a collaborative effort as a medical team should work with RI closely on the study and knowledge of SEE and its derivatives. If you have an idea for a test, send it to RI.
Medical Application of SEE:
"Through recent tests, I believe SEE can have several applications not just to preserve limbs but to possibly replace steroids for patients that may need them."​
Expand the medical spec in CI to be seen as a needed part instead of a small cog:
"The medical team is what keeps CI alive. That fact has long been forgotten by Alpha command and the RI nerds."
Complete the Foundation anatomy Skelton:
"Sarah may no longer be a part of my medical team but yet still a statement must be made. A statement of what we do to foundation and a stance against working with them while they still live."
Become medical Lead:
"I wanted to take Medical to a better and brighter future, and thus I will."
Remove the foundation from Egypt:
"They walk upon our home as a child walks into a bears den. They should learn not to tread where they don't belong."
Find someone to carry on my work:
"One man in One life cannot save everyone or do everything. I must find someone to keep going after my departure."​
Test Descript: Apply a growing number of Fervors to a week-old Kidney and examine the outcome
Hypothesis: Due to see being connected to how life works. the addition of SEE to a previously dead organ should bring it back to its state when it was still freshly removed from the body. If we add the correct number of fervors, it should rejuvenate from a less-than-ideal state.
Purpose: If SEE can be used to rejuvenate old organs, we could prolong our menial supply for when we do need them. 1 week may be difference between a dead insurgent and a live one.
Outcome: the week-old kidney was injected with roughly 20 fervors and no change was noticed. But once 30 fervors were injected the organ returned to its fresh state. but after 40 was added the Organ quickly aged and decayed.
MISC: I believe this test proves the connection between SEE and life. It may also show that a body with too many fervors will be too much for a body to handle and will quickly destroy said body. This may mean that something about organic matter can conduct SEE further testing into the connection between SEE conduction and organic matter may be needed.
🍈1-10/10: How well I know them
Epsilon-11 (Nine Tailed Fox)
"The fact these People haven't been executed for incompetence is a show of Weakness."

Site command
"Head of the snake, Led by a so called 'Gamer' I bet that guy only plays League."

D-Class Personnel
"Future initiates, and therefore Future medics! But not yet."
🍈1/10:Crazy Old Ben
"Holy hell make this man marksmen lead!"

"Well they are the reason we are all here I guess."
"Very mixed bag."

"He tried to eat me."

"What is the guy? 5'9?"

"He tried to eat me, but at least sometimes he helps."

"They don't shoot me I don't shoot them. They don't pay their fees I shoot them."

🍈1/10:"Sweet corn"
"Man likes corn. Can't blame him corn is not bad."

Epsilon-6 (Village Idiots)
"If we just had them on our side we would steam roll the Foundation Yesterday."
🍈2/10:Jeff plume
"They only Person allowed to kiss me that much is my own mother."
🍈1/10:Bobby Jeff
"Most competent member of Foundation so far, probably should see a therapist."
🍈1/10:Noah Walker

"If E6 were Cats this man wouldn't change a bit."
"this guy being an officer explains why no one in Foundation respects E6."
🍈2/10: Neko Love (Downfall)

"The entire cell seems to fall in love with you. But hey atleast you can bake a good muffin."
🍈3/10: Valk (Krumpet)
"You should be dead. If not worse."

Initial Security Team
"They are all low ranking Foundation but hey they are friendly and easy to get a bear with."

"Well I've tortured enough to workout my anger."
🍈2/10: 'Consultant 'Medkit'
"She could have just given us the supplies. But hey now I have an entire extra leg to stand on in an argument."
🍈1/10: Ace sol
"She seems very comfortable standing among us. What does she know that we don't?"

Assault Insurgency

🍈3/10: Hiro Naga
"well, I guess he really was a Hiro after all..."
🍈7/10: Niko Adriano (Transfiguration)
"Well, it was nice knowing you while you were around. I hope I'll see you again someday."
🍈3/10: William Edwards(Jackal)
"You were right. We should have seen that in life. If we had maybe we could've ended this whole war with you at our head."
🍈2/10: Sarah Green

"CONGRATS ON LT! Now if you start treating me like Steel Haze does Im adding your bones to the Skelton."
Yin Le'Viand (Steel haze)
"Great medic. Hope he makes it far. 5/7/2024: Congratulations on LT. Now lose the superiority complex."
🍈1/10: 'Kairos'
"An interloper into my medical team. I hope he doesn't try anything drastic."
🍈2/10: Fracture
"Odd one. Very secretive
but does good work either way."
🍈2/10: Rebecca Mime
"Looking back after torturing a few foundation medics. I was in the wrong. That doesnt mean she is in the right."

🍈2/10: John Walters
"I wasn't sure about you at first. But now I understand you a lot better."

🍈2/10: Chris Cross (Dragon)
"Congrats on Captain man! Maybe get me a bigger budget!"

Research Insurgency
"Schizos witha budget! love it!"

🍈6/10: Tod cooper(The cure)
"He may be a nerd, but he is a great one at that."

🍈4/10: Lucien Entrati
"He was a great researcher! wonder where he is."

SPIRE Insurgency
"So much for 'Elite'."

🍈2/10: Polas
"Well hope he is enjoying his time in spire. He deserves it for all he has done for this cell and getting it started."

🍈2/10: Joshi Oca "Goose"
"Well atleast you've shaped up as a Spire."

Alpha Insurgency
"Bunch of incompetents and hypocrites."

🍈5/10: Dr.Mainler (Magnus the red)
"A fine Marshall,
But your wife is a [Bad Word Automaticall Censored][Bad Word Automaticall Censored][Bad Word Automaticall Censored][Bad Word Automaticall Censored][Bad Word Automaticall Censored]."
🍈2/10: Psycho
"Monster or man, You are terrible all the same."

🍈2/10: Alyx Famova (Ajax)
"Hey congrats on Major! Barley know you though!"

🍈3 /10: Seven Three
"A great leader of the insurgency. But I thought you better than to simp for a foundation."
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Joshi Oca
"Broke his legs on the first day by falling off a 5-story building in heavy armor, I don't know how he survived the first time the second time must prove he's atleast protected by some sort of deity!"
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Joshi Oca
"Broke his legs on the first day by falling off a 5-story building in heavy armor, I don't know how he survived the first time the second time must prove he's atleast protected by some sort of deity!"
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