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"It's better to be a warrior in a garden, than a gardener in a war." -Miyamoto Musashi

Primary Information

[Name]: Daniel Lesher
[Callsign]: N/A
[Clearance]: DECIRO
[Department & Role]: Assault Insurgent, Staff Sergeant
[DOB]: August 13th, 1995
[Sex]: Male
[Race]: Caucasian
[Birthplace]: Quebec, Canada
[Languages]: English, French

Physical Information

[Height]: 160cm (5’3")
[Weight]: 50kg (110lbs)
[Hair Color]: Blonde
[Eye Color]: Brown

Medical History
[Blood Type]: O-
[Markings]: Scars Along Arms/Legs
[Medications (Perscriptions)]: N/A
[Substance Use]: N/A
[Surgeries]: GSW (4+ Years ago)
[Mental Illness]: N/A

Background Information

[Previous Training]: CAF BCT, Mountain Warfare, Arctic Operations Course, JTF2
[Previous Site]: N.A
[Residency]: Quebec City, Canada

Born in the cold parts of Quebec, Daniel was naturally born to be able to handle the frigid climate that surrounded him. Consistently being outside and exploring his local hiking spots it was hard to see him without a coat and a pair of boots, although this was mainly a reason to escape home. Being raised on a small plot of land inherited from his family it was hard to say it was anything more than run down. From 10-16, Daniel would take any chores his far neighbors would offer. By 17 he was quick to join the CAF after noticing a sizable signing bonus to those going into the medical field. Although he had little knowledge of the subject at hand, he hoped the extra cash would help him and his family’s future. Although Daniel had taken this job to make ends meet, his chain of command (COC) noticed an above-proficient performance in physicals and war games. Allowing David to be promoted to Private. This trend went on, being able to go from Private to Master Corporal in the span of 4 years.

By this time, JTF2 had started taking applications and COC recommendations from CAF Officers. Allowing Daniel's name to be put onto the list of potential recruits. Along with some little discussion about extra pay, David was in on the plan and was sent to qualifiers. Although his CAF life was relatively easy, JTF2 was keen on putting another block in his way. He was able to make good connections with other candidates around him, but the physical portions of the entry exams were excruciating. Being able to pass these entry exams, he found himself overexerted. Leading to him doubting his own abilities and his need within the JTF and whether or not he deserved the spot within the unit. Although Daniel never brought these concerns up with any higher COC. Instead, he started a habit of attempting to raise himself to an unrealistic, perfectionist standard. Although he applied this standard to himself, he never criticized others for the way they had attempted a task. At least openly. After 8 years into JTF2, he joined the Chaos Insurgency.

Mark of the Sands
"I got it during some run-in with... I forgot the man's name. I stood in front of the gates to the pyramid and held out the picture of the puzzle I solved along with some others... I was the only one to think of it, and the bricks crumbled away in front of me. I met the Pharaoh. A woman made of energy. One that was above all else in the room. We came together to ask her one question... And we had a D-Class ask her for crack cocaine. She gave him crack cocaine."
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