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naroka's ci ap

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-OOC Info-
  1. Community Name: Naroka
  2. Past/Current Character Names: RA Naru Kanna
  3. SteamID 64 [Example: 76561198062648488]: 76561198041324755
  4. Discord ID [Example: 527286350437941280]: 148020406010380288
  5. Do you have Teamspeak? If not please download it and make sure you are verified in TS. [Yes/No]: Yes
  6. Do you have discord? if not, please join the AU discord. [Yes/No]: Yes
  7. How many hours do you have in GMOD and AU's SCPRP Server?: 10 hours in the new AU, 1000+ hours in old AU.
  8. Please list all warns/bans applied to you within AU: Currently have none

-OOC Questions-
  1. Have you ever been removed from this Job? (If so, please explain why?):

  2. What is a "/me"? Please give an example:
    /me is a character's action and or thoughts. May include rolling.
    /me waves
    /me carries a box

  3. If someone performs a "/me" against you, what do you do?:
    If it's valid, do a roll to go against the /me if applicable.

  4. What is a "/roll"? Please give an example:
    /roll is a command action to determine your character's proficiency in doing an action. Influencing the action whether it fails or succeeds./me carries a box
    /me fails carrying the box

  5. What is RDM? Please give an example:
    RDM is when a player kills a person with no reason or invalid RP reason
    John found a Researcher
    John found a Researcher doing a consensual research with a D-Class
    John killed the researcher and set the D-Class free.
    John has done both RDM and FailRP.

  6. What is NLR? Please give an example:
    NLR is when the character dies and respawns, they must not remember anything on their previous life since an hour ago or more.
    John learned new info about an SCP
    John died in an hour by a killer
    He doesn't remember the info about the SCP and the killer anymore

  7. What is FearRP? Please give an example:
    FearRP is when the character is supposed to be in fear for their life in a given situation
    Gets surrounded with 4 guns while my gun is holstered.
    I surrendered and was taken custody by them.
    FearRP because 4 guns are pointing at me because I value my life

  8. When a staff member tells you to get off the job, will you listen to them? (Yes / No):
    If it's a valid reason / cause, yes.

-Long-Form Questions-
  1. How does CI view the anomalous? [100+ words]:
    CI views anomalous entities as weapons and tools for humanity's benefit. While Foundation has a similar cause, CI is more than willing to share and extensively use anomalies throughout the world to complete their agenda. Compared to Foundation, the Foundation is secretive and willing to keep it from the rest of the world from using / witnessing anomalies. As mentioned before, CI doesn't see anomalies as "one of us", they're tools for humanity's benefit. We only give a friendly notion in order for them to comply with us. It is through manipulation to easily do our cause. If there is no reasonable sentience on an anomaly, then there is no need for manipulation. Only their ability is the most useful.

  2. An E6 PVT was just spotted close to CI base, they have no weapons out and are simply standing outside. What would you do? [100+ words]:
    Report them to CI and grab a mate or two. See if the highest CI on gives us an authority to do something either to shoo them or capture. Approach the E6 PVT and do what we need to do from the highest CI. If there is no response from them, shoo them away. Not shoot. SHOO. Unless they're asking for it (malicious intentions, not asking to be RDMd) / warned / is hostile.
    You don't need an 100 word essay to explain what you should do towards an E6 PVT unless you want to fluff my answer or consider 5 possibilities this could go. Go for common sense, don't go breaking character, see what happens, prepare for the consequences. It's fun to find out instead of expecting what we always expect to do.

  3. You just spotted a CI INT going headfirst into the Foundation alone. What do you do?:
    Report them to CI comms and wait for orders on what to do. Especially if it's done within RP.
    Otherwise, report them to staff.

  4. In terms of leadership, who would be higher rank? AI CPT or SPIRE SL?:
    AI CPT for normal ops. SPIRE SL for SPIRE Ops.

  5. A SPIRE Operation has just been called, what does this mean?:
    SPIRE will be the ones taking over the operation and they will have the authority to command to those who are involved in the operation. Regular CI will be staying out / do regular duties unless requested for their assistance.

  1. Do you recognize that while in combat, you will do your best to respect RP situations happening around you? [Yes/No]: Yes
  2. Do you recognize that to climb the ranks you must not only provide good leadership but also RP? [Yes/No]: Yes
  3. Do you recognize that as a member of CI, you will respect others around you and be respectful even during stressful situations? [Yes/No]: Yes
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