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Quartermaster application

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  1. Which Job are you applying for?[ONLY SITE TECH, ENGINEER, JANITOR, & QUARTERMASTER]: quartermaster
  2. Give a detailed description of this Job in YOUR OWN WORDS (200 Words MINIMUM): they are personal within foundation that insures that all ammunition's need for its protection and its medical for the health of said foundation are always stocked. they insure all factions/mobile task forces get the adequate amount and that supplies are spread evenly and fairly. For rp'ing they insure that if and when supplies are low they insure the restocking of all supply and deliver them with hast to insure that in case of emergencies that they are stocked up and ready for any kind of emergency and confrontation. while doing this it raises the moral of the personal by providing what is needed and where its needed. this will hopefully also discourage the Chaos insurgency from raiding due to help supplied our soldiers are. this job also can be beneficial for creating roleplay scenarios such as, someone stealing rations, hording supplies. sabotage which can lead to a more inclusive role playing scenario for multiple groups of players in stead of a few. While being a quartermaster in these scenarios the quartermaster would be the neutral ground due to being the one of the deciding factors in one of the following situations due to being the one who handles all the supplies going to and from the bunks. while these situations may occur delivering these supplies may dissuade the general of foundation to remain calm when it comes to supplies and the shortages of said supplies in which the Quarter master ill then requisition more and deliver it to the required points of interest and/or bunks.
  3. Since you are Site Staff, who's Orders do you PRIMARILY follow?: I follow site command
  4. How is this Job used on our Server?: The job is used to deliver supplies such as ammo and medicine to bunk or points of interest.
  5. What will you do if someone asks for your help in the comms?: ask what is required of me on the permitted comms and deliver supplies to the requested location.
  6. If someone higher ranked than you orders you to leave an area, will you comply?: I will comply unless told to stay/ go there buy someone with higher authority.
  7. If you have a problem with something or someone, who do you contact (In RP, not a Staff Problem)?: If there such a situation i go to their higher ups but if they are said higher ups such as a cpt i would contact site command.
  8. Can this Job fear for its life?: indeed they can
  9. Can this Job release SCPs?: negative
  10. How would you create RP with this job?: By higher or asking fellow player to accompany me to grabbing the supplies and also creating some scenarios such as the ones listed above in the description.
  11. Do you understand that, if you are found abusing this job, we will remove your whitelist? (Yes / No): yes
  12. Do you understand that site staff have their own ranks, and cannot progress as highly as other regular Foundation Jobs? (Yes / No): yes
  1. Have you ever been removed from this Job? (If so, please explain why?): no i have not
  2. What is a "/me"? Please give an example: an example is "/me rummages through the supplies to make everything is there"
  3. If someone performs a "/me" against you, what do you do?: depending on the situation i would roll against their /me action and depending if i rolled higher or lower determines the outcome of the /me.
  4. What is a "/roll"? Please give an example: other player "/me kicks rebellion in the knee to knock them over" they roll a 37 and i roll a 59 i don't fall or get harmed
  5. What is RDM? Please give an example: killing someone without a reason such as a gensec killing another gensec for literal no reason
  6. What is NLR? Please give an example: if your in a middle of fighting a d class riot and you were to die and respawn you'd have to wait 2 minutes before leaving bunk and you would lose all memory of what happened beforehand.
  7. What is FearRP? Please give an example: surrendering when out gunned and surrounded with no hope of escape and hoping you can survive the ordeal.
  8. When a staff member tells you to get off the job, will you listen to them? (Yes / No): yes
  9. Do you understand that the goal of playing any Job is to roleplay, not get kills whenever you can? (Yes / No): yes
  1. What is the date? (DD/MM/YYYY): 4/27/2024
  2. What is your Discord name and Discord ID?: Rebellion109 is my discord and id
  3. What is your in-game name?: Johnny Lorence ( NTF PVT Johnny Lorence)
  4. What is your SteamID? (Steam_64 - Example: 76561198062648488): 76561198323188667
  5. How many hours do you have in GMod, and how long do you think you've played on the server?: 1,500 hours total and on this server from both past and present servers roughly 800-1100 but as of the new server roughly 50 hours or so
  6. What other characters do you actively play as?: Wee man the site engineer/janitor when call for and Bunger Bunger the d-class
  7. Please list ALL of your warns and/or Bans: i have none
Application accepted!
You should have access to the whitelist when you next log on!
Have a wonderful day
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