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[REVIEWED] Ban Appeal

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[SGN] Computer

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  1. Name : Cosmo
  2. SteamID [STEAM_64 - Example | 76561198062648488] : 7656119923430525
  3. Discord Unique ID : computer_idk

  4. Ban Legth (Time) : Perma
  5. Ban Reason : Lied To Staff ( Banned by Mal)
  6. Evidence : N/A
  7. Explain the Situation : When i was young i used to play the SCPRP Server and i got banned a lot wasnt rlly using my brain basically and so i did stupid descions one time i got for a year and tried to get a refund on my Tier 2,3 Because i didnt rlly like the server anymore and i was told there was no refunds strangely
  8. Why I should be unbanned : I was young stupid and ive grown more mature and i want to play the server again i used to enjoy it but i didnt really read the rules and stuff and also i got a brand new comptuer and i really wanna come back to the server i just found out it came back after me waiting a while so please give me a second chance
Ban will be reviewed at the end of the month
(Thank You For making this ban Appeal, Management will get back to you at the end of the month.)

We've decided to leave your ban in place.
Not open for further replies.