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J$TXR'S Game Ban Appeal

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  1. Name: J$TXR!
  2. SteamID [STEAM_64 - Example | 76561198062648488] : https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198390920925/
  3. Discord Unique ID: 863444158052302868
  4. Ban Length (Time): Forever
  5. Ban Reason: It didn't provide a reason.
  6. Evidence: I don't have evidence
  7. Explain the Situation: I don't remember I'm way older and mature now I was 11 when I got banned.
  8. Why I should be unbanned: Honestly, I don't have an excuse I most likely did something immature during that time (keep in mind I was 11 I'm 16 now) but I want to get another chance to play this server. I realize that community is really good it's the best SCP-RP server I played in my life, The server was fun I was just too immature for the server but now I'm older and I'm sorry for everything. This server brought some fun times and memories, especially an amazing community. I just want to go back and see how the server is going.
Ban will be reviewed at the end of the month
(Thank You For making this ban Appeal, Management will get back to you at the end of the month.)
Not open for further replies.