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[REVIEWED] Pizza's Unban Appeal

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  1. Name : Pizza Delivery Guy
  2. SteamID [STEAM_64 - Example | 76561198062648488] : 76561198850607848
  3. Discord Unique ID : 456552456084520963
  4. Ban Legth (Time) : Permanent
  5. Ban Reason : Hacking
  6. Evidence : I hacked
  7. Explain the Situation : A few years ago I was banned for using hacks. I had been playing on the server for sometime and wanted to gain an upper hand against other players so at the time I thought the best solution to that was to use hacks.
  8. Why I should be unbanned : I would like to be unbanned because I did have fun on the server and it was a fun community to be apart of. I now know what I did ruined the experience for players and smeared what atlas uprising is created on which is integrity. I have matured since than and would like to be given a second chance to prove I can provide a fun experience without ruining it for others.
Ban will be reviewed at the end of the month
(Thank You For making this ban Appeal, Management will get back to you at the end of the month.)

We are taking some extra time to review this ban.

After some talking, we've decided to lift your ban.
We take hacking very seriously, here at Atlas Uprising we play not to win. But to RP and have a fun time. If we get any reports or suspicion that you may be hacking, you will get banned. Please enjoy the server like every other player, and welcome back.

We thank you for your patience as well as your time for appealing.
Not open for further replies.