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[REVIEWED] Beast ban appeal

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  1. Name : Beast
  2. SteamID [STEAM_64 - Example | 76561198062648488] : 76561198964442603
  3. Discord Unique ID : 503748252592766986
  4. Ban Length (Time) perma
  5. Ban Reason : PFP / name | anti-Semitism
  6. Evidence : I did it and am apologizing and asking to be forgiven
  7. Explain the Situation : I've played on atlas I think it was two years ago I had my name that wasn’t the best name for a steam account(Adolf Dripler) and a pfp(picture of adolf dripler) that wasn’t the best also and so when I joined atlas with this account I was pulled to a sit and banned for it
  8. Why I should be unbanned : I think I should be unbanned because when I joined the server back then with that stuff on my steam account I wasn’t planning on just minging around and being anti-Semitic on the server cause I really enjoyed atlas and now that some years have passed I have matured and rebuke the evil person I was with that kind of childish/disgusting behavior and I apologize for my actions back then because after some time away from the server I tried to see if it was up and was going to appeal sooner but this was when the server was initially gone and I have been keeping up with when the server came back up and now that it is back I have made this appeal to try and rejoin the community and never act like my former self again
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Ban will be reviewed at the end of the month
(Thank You For making this ban Appeal, Management will get back to you at the end of the month.)

After some discussion, we've decided to unban you.
We take political topics and derogatory things very seriously.

Please be sure to check out our updated rules.

We thank you for your patience as well as your time for appealing.

Not open for further replies.