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[REVIEWED] Claire's Perma Ban Appeal

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  1. Name : Claire, Watt, whatever you knew me back then
  2. SteamID [STEAM_64 - Example | 76561198062648488] : 76561198351735756
  3. Discord Unique ID : 809744687887810631 (new discord account then before. I had gotten my phone stolen at a theme park and lost the email to the old discord account.
  4. Ban Legth (Time) :
    Pretty sure its Perm last time I talked to Mal
  5. Ban Reason :
    Now I'm not entirelly sure of the ban reason due to the server being shut down and I had not gotten a message by the bot, but I would presume it was because I had said a Racist word back when i was assoicated with people who I am no longer assoicated with
    1. Evidence : I know I am supposed to have evidence of the situation, I dont seem to have it of me saying the word, If I do end up finding it (keep in mind I had gotten a new PC, and had lost it, I had sent some dms to people from the other server asking if they have it, and I'll edit this post if i do end up finding it, but I think i dmed Mal on my orginal account before I had lost it with the image.
  6. Explain the Situation :
    I'm going to start this from what happend to now

    I had joined a Discord server orginally in another Garry's Mod SCP-RP server from a group of friends (now ex friends.) I had played games with them (Destiny 2, ow2, whatever we played), they were overall pretty toxic but i still stayed friends, I was playing Destiny 2 with them one day in which I had said a Racial slur due to competive destiny 2 pvp was making me loose my mind, I had said that, in which i was banned from the server i think a month later or a few weeks later unsure. I had then said it another time with the same context, It is completely unacceptable of me saying it.
  7. Why I should be unbanned : I have matured since then, I am going to college at University Of Southern California to get my degree in journalism and communication. I have been active a lot more which I can prove, i have taken steps away from those friend groups in which I had made a new one who is very friendly and I get along with them great and have matured a lot since then, I'm a admin on a almost 9,000 member discord server. I've talked to all the people who I had caused drama with in the past (well tried to, some never added me back) and aplogized for causing all the drama I had done, Atlas Uprising and another server, I'm not gonna rant too much but I have matured, I joined Atlas Uprising When i was 16 going onto 17, I just want a chance to see this server when it comes back online. I have been friendly to everyone recently, and I will be willing to have a talk with The Exeuctive Team and whoever I need to have a talk to, and show them other stuff I have improved on (I've taken a bit back from gaming a little, and discord, most of the stuff I have to show that I have improved would somewhat dox me a little, so I dont want to post it, my new discord tag is _claireeehi_ but yeah I understand if this gets put to denied never appeal, and which I wont ever appeal again but I just want another chance, I did stupid stuff in my Atlas days, and another gmod server days at the very end of that time i was playing. I know what not to do again and I have improved.


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Ban will be reviewed at the end of the month

(With our new systems in place, we only review and handle bans on the last week of the month)​

You've been given too many chances. Unfortunately, we are unable to revoke your ban.

[NOTE: You ban is un-appealable]


We thank you for your patience as well as your time for appealing.

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