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SCP Swap Bug

Linner Kinner

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  1. Platform [Discord / Forums / Server]: Server
  2. Please Categorize the bug! [Low Priority / Medium Priority / High Priority / SEVERE Priority] : Med Prio/ Limited to only SCP owners
  3. Describe the Bug: When swapping to a SCP class, you are able to breach. If you do not breach using this method (Via silent breach/Being breached by someone else), you can swap to any other class (Optional). After, if you try to queue as ANY scp (even ones with a higher breach timer than what you originally had), it will automatically allow you to breach. This only works with the "Queue for breach" Option, as playing as the actual SCP will hard reset the timer, fixing it.
  4. Evidence / Photos / Videos: (Unable to acquire due to the time it takes to breach, and it appears to only work sometimes)
  5. Has this bug impacted you or anyone you know?: It has impacted me and a few other avid SCP class owners, but we attempt to avoid it best as we can. I seem to be the only one who directly knows how to do it.
Discord : characlash
Ign/Most common name: Chara