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Trojan's amazing introduction


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It's me trojan! (aka; the british one, tango, the horseman) I first joined the community via the Clone Wars RP server and after that shutdown, I moved to SCPRP with basically no clue about the SCP universe, I knew there was that one that cried a lot, the one spooky doctor, a big lizard and the super smart computer.. and that was about it. After spending a few days in E6, I moved to NTF and that's where I made my home during V7 & 8!

I'm a bit of a goober apparently, I'm a big fan of history, especially the ancient world (guess where I got my name from), space, science and all that boring stuff. I can't wait for the server to open up again, I genuinely love this community so much and the RP is always a blast, whether it's recontaining SCPs for the 500th time or saving the fabric of our universe for the.. probably 5th, or 500th time.

I can't wait to see you all around, and if you ever need me feel free to DM me on discord :D
Good to hear ya Trojan! Real excited to hear about how your RP goes once the server is up! Stay safe as always mate!