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[JA] Dan™ [SCP]

Staff Team
Server Staff
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Why do you want to be Discord Staff? (150 Words Minimum):
I want to be a discord staff for the following reason, first is to be able to be furthering assisting the community i hold close by any means.
I have a big upstanding previously in regards to making sure that the discord was monitored and handled all issues accordingly on it, from ranks, to reports, to making sure people followed rules or causing disturbances previously, I want to be able to take on additional responsibility and to be able to help the discord flourish and be as effective as can be, I want be able to provide others with a great service and make sure they have a enjoyable time on the services and platforms provided by AU.
Given the fact of how much I enjoy assisting previously i would like to be given that opportunity again, I really take enjoyment in being able to assist and thing it would also alleviate a lot of issues higher up being able to have someone they can count on, as i am aware the stress they are under

Do you have any previous experience?:
Yes when I was LA Previously I was Discord and Forum staff maintaining the good standing of the services [We defo was not forced to do it]

Do you understand that positivity is key to being a member of the Discord Staff Team?:
Hell yes i do

+ 1

I only have good things to say about Dan, my boy active as hell, always on discord, definitely a good choice
Please contact me in Discord soon.
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