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[ACCEPTED] Ghostly Discord Staff App

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[SA] Ghostly [SCP]

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Server Staff
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Name: Ghostly

DiscordID: 318844651689869324

Why do you want to be Discord Staff? (150 Words Minimum): I'd be trying something new and branch off from the staff team to a side path and see where this takes me down the line. I'm usually pretty active in discord with reading chats usually and watching over them. I'm up pretty late some nights and I don't want people coming into the server and causing chaos and making people feel uncomfortable it should be a safe place for all, were all here to have fun not be called out by some troll in the discord. With that I want to be a role model to everyone around me. I'm always open for anyone to DM me if it's needed I might be at work or busy with IRL things, but will always get around to responding to you! If given the opportunity I'd be able to give my skills and be able to learn a few new things out of it.

Do you have any previous experience?: Kind of, I get how discord works to a certain degree.

Do you understand that positivity is key to being a member of the Discord Staff Team?: Yes.

Age: 20
Please contact me in Discord soon.
Not open for further replies.