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[ACCEPTED] Ender Discord App

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[JA] Ender [SCP]

Staff Team
Server Staff
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Name: Ender

DiscordID: 332660377097601026

Why do you want to be Discord Staff? (150 Words Minimum):

I'm highly motivated to become a Discord staff member for reasons that directly benefit our community in many different ways. Our discord server is a vital hub for our community to connect and thrive through many different ways of showing other people the funny moments that they had while on our server. But also having Effective moderation is crucial to ensure everyone enjoys a positive experience while in our discord server. I can contribute to this by monitoring for rule violations and addressing disruptive behaviour from people who like to ruin others' experiences. Beyond moderation, my strong communication skills will allow me to effectively assist new members on this server. Also, I can answer their questions guide them through server features, and help them smoothly into the community. Additionally, my problem-solving skills will be valuable in solving conflicts and finding peaceful resolutions. My dedication to a welcoming and inclusive environment, and my many different skills. Finally, I'm passionate about contributing to a platform that promotes positive online interactions for everyone.

Do you have any previous experience?: i do not i dont think but i have used discord plety of times to understand what to do

Do you understand that positivity is key to being a member of the Discord Staff Team?: of course

Age: 19
Please contact me in Discord soon.
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