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[ACCEPTED] Hacker Discord App

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[SM] Hacker [SCP]

Staff Team
Server Staff
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Name: Hacker

DiscordID: 248902033237737473

Why do you want to be Discord Staff? (150 Words Minimum): I want to be a discord staff because I do not want to be a forum staff. And because it looks like we need those more. And because I am going to be required to do this by the time I reach senior mod, so I might as well get this out of the way early. I suppose I am doing this for the same reason I wanted to become staff, because I love this community. It was four damn years ago, and now I feel like a boomer coming back with all these new people lol. It would be nice to be able to do more for the community too, honestly I am a little tired in being neutered in what I can help with due to my rank. This will just be one more step in consolidating my ability to help. And ranks, give me those discord tags I WANT ALL OF THEM

Do you have any previous experience?: None for being a discord mod 🤢

Do you understand that positivity is key to being a member of the Discord Staff Team?: Yes

Age: 18+
Please contact me in Discord soon.
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