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CI DATABASE: CI/AI/Foxtrot/Personnel/PVT-SanaPlyet


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"The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?"

Foxtrot Encryption Activated... Do You Wish To Proceed?
(//Addendum, Personnel File Is Poorly Written, Do You Wish To Proceed?)

Checking Credentials….

Access Granted

Fa Sana Plyet.jpg
Portrait provided by Dr. ######

Name: Sana Plyet
Codename: N/A
Gender: Male
Height: 160cm
Weight: 49kg
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Ash-Brown
Date of Birth: 12/25/2004
Place of Birth: Dubuque, Iowa

"Subject: Sana Plyet"
"Profiled By: Dr. ######"
"Date: 28/05/2022"

“After interviewing Private Sana Plyet, I have some notable observations. To start off positive, I believe, despite his general tendency to stick to himself, Sana can be rather charismatic when he wishes to be. During the entirety of our interview, he was polite and very expressive, wearing a smile the entire time. I have no reason to think of Sana as anymore than a kind-hearted, though quiet individual. Yet, for the entire interview, I felt a strange unease. I felt almost as if he was lying to me. I won’t make any judgements as of this moment for the sake of objectivity, but I plan to continue observation Sana Plyet.

On Christmas day, 2004, Sana entered the world in Dubuque, Iowa. While living in the Midwest, the heartland of America, he approached the world with a detached fascination. He carefully observed his surroundings, absorbing every detail. Sana's extreme curiosity served as an advantage, allowing him to excel beyond his peers in his early years. Throughout elementary school, Sana remained highly isolated despite his academic performance.

A subtle shift happened around halfway through middle school. Sana actively engaged in social interaction, participating in numerous extracurricular activities and making an effort to socialize with peers. Yet, this newfound attempt at being social often came across as forced and uncomfortable, resulting in awkward and uneasy interactions. As he made his way through the final years of middle school, he examined the behavior of those in his vicinity.

Once he entered high school, Sana had refined his social skills, becoming friendly with a majority of his peers, and continuing to participate in many extracurriculars. A majority of his peers would of described Sana as a positive force in the school. Despite all that, most also left interactions with Sana feeling "off". For most, speaking to Sana felt.... wrong, though no one could really pinpoint why, and most shrugged it off. Regardless, Sana was a promising student and person, earning a scholarship to Iowa State University. As a sort of graduation party, Sana and a group of his peers went up to White Pine Hollow State Forest, they had decided on a short camping trip/hike through the forest.

Sana Plyet has not been seen since.

Loading/File/Reports/Post-Incident…. Copying to CI/AI/Foxtrot/Personnel/PVT-SanaPlyet……

Date of Incident: 05/28/2022

Incident Location: White Pine Hollow State Forest, Dubque County, Iowa

Incident Type: Foundation Encounter, Anomalous Entity Encounter, Sentient Anomaly Encounter, civilian Encounter

01:27, Operatives were dispatched into the White Pine Hollow State Forest in Dubque County, Iowa, in response to reports of anomalous activity. Their Primary objective was to track down, analyze, and capture the entity for possible use.

01:53, Operative #### encountered a sentient anomalous entity designated #####-# without himself being detected. Soon, all six operatives had arrived and begun initial capture procedures. Efforts made to capture the entity were met with rough resistance, as the entity exhibited hostile behavior, killing one operative.

02:12, Hostile agents, later designated as members of a Foundation task-force, designated “Epsilon-6”, appeared on the scene, opening fire on the entity, and our Operatives.

02:16, Operative ##### is killed by Foundation forces

02:18, Gunshots originating from behind Foundation force are heard, providing a distraction and opening for our operatives to push further towards them

02:24, Foundation forces killed, all four remaining Operatives are wounded, none in critical condition.

02:29, Injured civilian located surrounded by 3 Foundation corpses, civilian immediately surrenders to our operatives.

03:10, Operatives meet up with the extraction team with the corpse of the anomalous entity, and the now detained civilian, later identified as Sana Plyet.

18:00, Detainee Sana Plyet, after initial questioning, is sat down for an interview with Doctor ######

"Lying, sometimes. Lies should have a point, most lies do not achieve anything."

"I don't like my Doctor."

"The C.I. and the S.C.P Foundation. I thank both for my current... situation. But I view neither in any positive, nor negative light."

"The anomalous. I find the unknown interesting, something to study, something to understand. There is very little that can't be explained."
"Math, it's entertaining. Something to do in your free time.

DCB Written by Kamery, ran through "Prowritingaid" afterwards (It's a Grammar/Style Assistant). "Portrait" made via nightcafe
Any part of this DCB with the opening "Loading/File/Yada/Yada is considered IC and can be accessed"
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"This one here, a quiet one. They observe, they see, and picture the world through their unseen morals. Always the most surprising they are, how will this one fare?"