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Spire Operative 'Transfiguration'


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Chaos Insurgency Personnel File

[SPIRE+ Encryption Required]

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____________________________________________ _____________________________________


Name: Nico Adriano

Codename : 'Reverse' 'Transfiguration'

Status of operator: [Active]

Occupation: Spire Operative

Past Occupations: 75th Ranger Regiment, AI Medical Lead, Seth Squadron Member


[Medical History]

Gender: Male

Disabilities: N/a

Birthday: 05/24/1996 [Age:25]

Height: 6’* 5’11 without shoes

Mental State: Sane

Physical Description: Ectomorph build. Black hair. A solid body from years of being in the army. Conditioned to have good stamina and endurance, though lacks any solid strength.

Psychological Description: “He seems to be a person who tends to rely on comedy to deal with stressful situations. His ethics are based on his desires and often neglects what others think. Though this doesn’t affect his loyalty towards the insurgency it might affect how he interacts with people on the individual level. Usually he’s a passive person, not really having a desire to push the ranks or show any more leadership than needed. Hopefully with due time he’ll manage and show what he’s actually capable of.” - Doctor Lemner

History - Before his birth his family just immigrated from Mexico to the USA. His childhood was filled with moving from house to house in poor slums. His relationship with his family was rocky but after his mother died due to an illness he instantly went to the military to try to further himself from his family. Finding some skills in the military he pushed onwards and eventually getting into a military academy. Meeting some new friends there he eventually passed the RASP and got into the 75th ranger regiment. It would be at this time he learned basic medical skills that would be with him to this day. Upon getting to the regiment with his friend he would work in the battalion on many operations. Most of his adult life he would be in the regiment, though in turn this would make him far more bored of his job. Though when he heard about his friend who left the battalion in trouble joining a new private organization he would be curious. Finding out his predicament made him even more intrigued as he soon followed him after his contract ended with the military. A whole new world opened for him…Life had colors for once.


Personal Communications:

COL ‘Seven:Three’
AI CPT 'Ajax'


Personal Goal:

<Completed> <In Progress> <Cannot Complete> <On Hold> <Given Up>

Make at least a hundred grand

“Yeah, with the taxes and stuff I might need to lead more raids or negotiate hostages. I guess when I look back, there’s not really anything I desire with the money. I just view it as something…I don’t know. Power? Yeah. I guess so.”

Clean up Medbay

“Short term goal, but whoever got the medbay ‘ready’ before the cell arrived was either lazy or incompetent. Feels like the budget for that was completely missed…Well…If CI had an actual budget.”

Medical Lead

“Eh. I’m not LOOKING at it…But if I get offered I wouldn’t refuse. It’s something I’m decent at,,,At least better than any of my other skills.”

Strengths: Medical expertise and knowledge, strong stamina, follows orders

Weaknesses: Jokes around a bit too much, lack of a greater motivation, could be a bit lazy at times



Mother - Cassandra Adriano [DECEASED]

Father - Micheal Adriano [ALIVE]


[Overall Opinions]

(Found in his Journal from this point onwards)

SITE COMMAND - Bunch of cowards? Idiots? I don't even know how to describe them. I guess the term that would be good is that they're humans...When they really should not have that in those ranks.

RESEARCH - Not formulated.

GENERAL SECURITY - Not formulated.

Epsilon-11 "NINE-TAILED-FOX" - Not formulated.

Epsilon-6 "Village Idiots" - They…What the hell do I even say? One half can be this super serious man who spends all of his day trying to look good in front of others and the other half really are just D-Class in disguise. It’s an insult to think that this is the foundation’s counter to us.

Medical - Two sides of the same coin. Haven’t seen a bad medical man yet, though haven’t talked to any of them to a great extent. I respect them though, at least hopefully I will when I interact with them more.

Chaos Insurgency - My home. It was a lot simpler back in the Rangers. But…I feel like every day there’s something I’m not expecting. It makes my world less gray.

D-class - I know some friends who were in D-class, though on the other hand, there’s plenty of people I saw who were lunatics beyond my imagination…Not the bananas…



<Despises> <Fears> <Dislikes> <Neutral/No Opinion> <Likes> <Admires> <Loves>

[Site Command] -

[Research] -

Codsworth - I hope your medical took care of you. You have that color that E6 doesn't. I like it. I'm sure you'll make my life more interesting. The next time you come to surface you'll remember what happened..


[Nine-Tailed Fox] -

[Epsilon-6] -

Jeff Plue - What the fuck do I say. I really hope one of these days karma’s gonna collect its debt. Fucking menace. On the plus side, he’s been captured more times than I can count. 4/16/2024 - Got what you deserved...Maybe you got it off a bit better then what I wanted.

Neko Lovet - I don't get how people can be so sadistic when they torture...Hopefully my acting skills managed to pay off. Your screams certainly indicated so. I don't regret doing what I did to you but...A part of me wonders if that'll happen to me sooner than later...Just being defenseless as I watch my friends die...Oh well. That's for later me. 5/12 - Uh...I don't even know what to say about you. I'll make sure you're more useful then a bullet to a head at least.


Amanda Morrison 'Medkit' - Did Seven Three push you too far? I don't see the reason why he did what he did on you. But hey, I get paid to follow orders so it's not my problem. Sucks that I'm the face you'll see...Ugh.


682 - Giant beast that only wants to kill humanity? Feels like some fairy tale creature that a great hero will defeat.

Engineer - Tall dude that has magic soldiers. He was polite enough except for taking Alyx’s hand…Talked about wanting to watch people die? Something about where we are being special? Need to learn Russian for him…

Chaos Insurgency -

Ratio Seven:Three - What can I say? He’s a good friend I’ve known for a while. He seems to be doing a good job and it’ll only get better. I hope he doesn’t take his work too seriously though, it kinda worries me. I hope he doesn’t forget why he chose to do this job in the first place. 4/16/2024 - Got dragged in your little squad? Sure. It gets me to keep an eye on you easier. 4/17 - I am literally just your personal actor..,Congrats on Colonel though.

Alyx 'Ajax' Famova - How do they hire so many short people? We got some good chemistry during a battle but Alyx can get a bit too serious sometimes. He’s funny when he’s mad though, I’ll give him that. Alyx pretends to be mean to me but I know that he doesn’t…probably 4/16/2024 - I guess you can say you do your job I do mine...Reminds me of Ratio. It's funny. I hope we climb the ranks together.

Milton Melgan - First day when I got medical training a guy fell 5 stories down. Milton was the guy who helped me with him…Seems like a good guy at heart. Family already in CI I think? Seems like he’s got some connection. Overall a chill dude, hope to see him progress with me. 4/18/2024 - Welcome to the NCO core my friend. Glad to have you around... 4/24 - Medical Lead. Don't worry, I'll continue to watch over you.

Sarah Green - Shows promise, Definitely seems to be a good medic who's helpful...I hope to see her progress beyond NCO

Yin - Medical....Oh Medical. You seem to have experience....Along with dissecting an alien. Eyes are on you

'Replica' 'Thoth' - He's...Mysterious. I can't help but see something that's beyond what he shows. That goes beyond saying, he's apart of my squad and he's a great addition. He has this uh.,..Amnetic thing? I gotta check up on that but he's valuable. I hope to see him stand with me for as long as possible. 4/24 - Cheers.

'Dragon' - Chill, respectable, strong, what else can you want? A good NCO I can look at to see where I go wrong in things. I hope in the future I get to know you better.

RI Lead Magnus - Odd...Definitely messed up in the head...I'll help you to the best of my ability.

Polas - He’s our commander I guess. Haven’t seen him at his best, nor have I seen him at his worst. Mystery man…He does seem to space out a lot. Wonder if he’s fine on the inside? 4/14 - I won't let you down.

Krumpet - ....I don't know what to say. I tease you for fun because...Well it's hilarious. But your little girl is either going to get you to turn a blind eye to her and therefor the foundation. I hope you know what you're doing...19 year old...
5/12 - Well...It's not like I didn't expect it. Whatever. You'll get what's coming to you soon.

Leviathan - Illiterate? Short? Need to learn more about him... 5/12 - So...Your family is the site director? You...Don't feel safe inside the base? The Commander threatened you...? I don't know what to think...All I know is that you shouldn't act rash. I could get it, lots of stuff going through your mind right now. I'll help you with every step of the way....I wonder though, why am I trying so hard with you and only pushed Krumpet away when he was in CI. I think it's because he volunteered to date a foundation while you...While you...had nothing to do with your family....Family...Maybe that's why. I'll make sure nothing happens.


Grace Perez - God…I hope you’re doing fine. I joke with Tyler all the time but I hope you’re alright. I’ll make sure your father doesn’t die…Though I don’t think he’ll budge about leaving this job. So I’ll stay here and keep him safe as a Medic. I’ll do my best to help you out when I can anyways, keep care of the gifts I got you.

Manga - Whenever it gets too stressful I turn to this. Shame I live in a world full of anomalies and not in those worlds…


Collection of Items (In a box under his Bunk):

  • Journal with his name in the front
  • A 75th ranger badge
  • Lot’s of ‘manga’, specifically Jujutsu Kaisen


File End

. . .

File Closing

Have a Nice day!

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// Bit of updates, nothing big but just added into opinions
Polas - He’s our commander I guess. Haven’t seen him at his best, nor have I seen him at his worst. Mystery man…He does seem to space out a lot. Wonder if he’s fine on the inside? 4/14 - I won't let you down.
// I think you meant Psycho here, Polas was at LEAST normal.