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F:|| Foundation File || NTF.SGT_Logbook.Dan ||

[JA] Dan™ [SCP]

Staff Team
Server Staff
Reaction score
Staring at a terminal with the foundation Symbol


Date: 27/04/2024
Email Activation: Foundation.SCP.org.inf​

Foundation ID CredentialsID:#$11141_GRd1_Serpah
Pass Code Requestion*******

Welcome Seraph
Please chose Directory
Directory requestion found

Please stand by.....
Access Granted

Name:Age:Race:Sex:Blood type:
Dan Gusman25HomosapienMaleB-

<<!!Unauthorised Access!!>>
Log in Credentials Requestion.
Information Being Unredacted .
Please continue with caution.


Please enter credentials​
Requestion ID Access:Level 3
Requestion Access Passcode:*******

Initial Access Granted.
Redaction Information

Please hold.....

Information Requisition complete

This is just some flavour text and information that he logs part of his notebook can be taken ICly
Note Log
Log HST # 1
The The beginning -
It seems like a faded dream, my mind. So blurry, as if I lived a whole life yet I can not get myself to remind, Could this mean something, or am I going crazy Would it be a surprise at this point, Waking up to the same thing each day, will it ever change, seems like the more we ask for the assist we require the more we get shoved into the deep end, What do you expect from this specialisation, I wonder if change is even possible, we losing men day by day, do foundation even care for us, so many of our brother and sisters having to perish for what....

I just wish when my time does come I have done enough to re-join my brothers and sisters in the afterlife.

Log HST # 2
The Untruthful Story -

Log HST # 3
The betrayal -

Log HST # 4
The return of a adjudicator -

This is just some flavour text and information that he logs part of his notebook can be taken ICly
Log -1 - Personnel
Watch a Person get tortured today, very interesting, caused a bit of commotion, Mew 4 are interesting, tactics not to far what i use to use. SC is a odd one, needs to quit poaching my men and instead train his, but apart from that, seems like a good man, bit cold, but i think its to mask the caring side of him to the foundation, but could be mistaken, wouldn't be first time, Nothing to outstanding to say in regards to other branches.
Log -2
Log -3

This is a point of a therapist assessment, this can be taken IC.

Dislikes LikesHatesCharacteristics Mental.
Bullshit.LoyaltySCP-343ColdLog Removed. Refer to log PME
Betrayal Diligence Cunning Borderline Psychotic

Description & Equipment

Hight - 5" 11 Box of old torn patches of NTF-11
Hair - Brown Old Pen With "Harvey" Inscribed
Eyes - Blue Wrist watch
Build - Stocky Notepad & Pencil
Scars - On body, covering chest and legs

Incident Log
Log pme # 1

Log pme # 2



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