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Bobby Jeff

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! ! ! WARNING ! ! !

Level 4 Clearance Required. Unauthorized entry to encrypted documents will be persecuted
to the fullest extent of the SCP Foundation. Continue at own risk.

! ! ! WARNING ! ! !


Bobby H. Jeff
Codename: "Makarov"

MTF Epsilon Six Second Lieutenant

Physical Description:

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 206lbs
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Brown
- Prosthetic Right Leg

General Information:

Gender: Male
Nationality: New Zealand
Date of Birth: June 6th, 1989


Character Description:

A member of Mobile Task Force Unit - Epsilon Six for 4 years as of time of writing, Bobby Jeff has a very long history working with the foundation.
Originally a member of the elite NZSAS, Bobby was inducted into the foundation in early 2020. Working his way up through the ranks; eventually
achieving the position of First Lieutenant. With years of experience in the branch, he has become a seasoned veteran of the unit. His biggest
accomplishment during his time in the branch was in April of 2021, wherein he successfully managed to evacuate a nearby village prior to CI
raiding it, massacring the remaining defenders, and then managing to keep the evacuees alive during the following CI Raid. After losing many
subordinates and old friends in the war on the Chaos Insurgency, he has learnt to distance himself and restrict emotional connection with his men,
out of fear of losing another friend. He lost his right leg to a CI mine whilst clearing a booby trapped house.

Took on the codename "Makarov' After the April 15th incident, involving various members of [REDACTED]. Generally dislikes RA and site command, and cautious around NTF after previously mentioned incident. Another consequence was that, outwardly, Bobby Jeff was dead, and Makarov was born; a more distant and callous man than before, losing what little remained of any beliefs and morals.


>Accessing F:\\Foundation_Files\\Personnel\\Bobby_Jeff\\Diary_07


>Begin Log;

Diary Log 7 - 16th April '24

Hello again, been a while since I've last written in here. I was going to write this yesterday while the memories were still fresh,
but my hands wouldn't stop shaking. I thought that going on strike would send some sort of message to the rest of site about
not mistreating E6, but it backfired horribly. Now I'm living under a false name, half of E6 is dead, and I tried to kill myself.
Suffice to say, it was definitely one of, if not my worst days to date. I am at a loss for words to be honest; Went on strike,
accused of treason, and damn near executed by my own men. I made my peace with god that day. when I first issued the
black crayons, I never thought I would be the first to use one, but here we are. I didn't expect to live to see tomorrow, let alone
keeping my rank and position. Of all the people involved though, I feel Noah got the worst of it. He thinks I'm dead, and I have
to keep it that way. He's my colleague for Christ's sake. Nonetheless, I'm still here, for now at least.

>End Log


Character Opinions:

Chaos Insurgency: Lost a lot of good men to 'em, been captured by them a few too many times.
Trust me, they are capable of some horrific things when they want something from you.

Defectors: Cowards and traitors, the lot of 'em

The Government: Admittedly, I'm not a big fan of the government

Foundation Site Command: Bureaucrats and desk workers

Alcohol: Stopped drinking after we lost Lt. Alfie to the CI

Cigars and Aviators: I just think they make me look cooler


Thoughts on People:

SCP-173: Lost a few good friends to that soulless bastard

Site Technicians / Engineers: Never around when you need them the most
CI 2Lt. Seven-Three: Always trying to undermine the loyalty of my E6

NTF: Still remember the old recruitment rivalry we had in the old days
Can't fault them though, they're good at what they do

Noah Walker: Old friends from a previous site, reliable soldier that one.
Jeff Plue: A reliable soldier that one, if not a bit strange, good man though.
Tempest / Jacob Tenz: 30 on 30.


The Stash:

Bottles of 'Vodka Delight' & 'TBS'
A special cocktail from the old Atlas Bar.

Shards of "The Brick"
Memories of a fun night out on the town
with the lads

Remnants of a Black Crayon
A stark reminder of the consequences of
one's actions, and the value of a life

An Old Medal
A gift from one his old commanding officers,
memories of a site long gone

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SAS? Didn't know we were against counter-terrorist groups. Let's see what kind of squadron he was in the SAS."
// Bobby, this DCB is absolutely amazing! I hope to see how you expand it in the future!