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Research Agency CPL Alexander Oritz Personal File


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*Password:Cheeki Brikie *

Level 3 Clearance Required. Unauthorized entry to encrypted documents will be persecuted to the fullest extent of the SCP Foundation/ authority. Scroll down to continue.

Character Information:

Full Name:
Oliver Alexander Oritz

Department: Research Operative

Rank: CPL

Character Description: CPL Alexander Oritz is a short stocky built man standing around 5'3. He has a medium afro, hazel eyes, and sharp jaw. He is easily stressed man and quick to anger and releases it through cracking jokes. He brandishes a prosthetic left leg. He has many scars from SCPs over his time. He has crossed out NTF tattoo and has his pros ethic has 76 tally marks on it.

Character Impactful Events: EX. 7/31/2022: Before he transferred from NTF he had a run in with Able, during negotiations to get Able to return to his cell he offered a game of dice. In the vent that Alexander loss able would only take one thing. Alexanders leg. Shortly after the game Alexander was hospitalized and after getting prosthetic made he was able to return to duty. This however was looked down upon by NTF higher ups and he was transferred to the Research Agency due to his decreased combat effectiveness.

Character Opinions:


999- Fucking gross creature. I sometimes with the GOC would get it. It makes me angry.
Dclass- Those criminals deserve to suffer. If I could experiment on them and make them pay I would. ( Not really d class are chill just character )

NTF- I wish that they would have kept me but I don't like all the rules so its nice being out

Gensec- Dont mind them but if they leave me in D Block again im gonna be upset
CI- Sometimes they are right.
Research- The smart guys that make it work.
E6- Keep CI at bay

Thoughts on People:


The Site Architect- If I find you your done for.

No one yet.

Old Man Bobby- The only ok D class and its just because he is funny.
Site Director- If he is going to give everyone else super nice weapons why does RA get glorified pea shooters.
Dr.Duck- Funny guy and a good doctor. Wonder how he is doing.
Dr.Diogorni- Not talked with him much but he pays me and gives us something to do.