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\\PASSWORD REQUIRED ENTER\\: "We die in the dark so that you may live in the light."


Full Name: Matthew Sky


Department: Epilson-11 "Nine Tailed Fox." Site Command

Rank: Specialist Lead | Cloaking Unit Lead Assistant Site Director

Character Description: Matthew Sky is a dedicated yet quiet person if you talk to him. He works in the shadows being a cloaking unit and getting information for E-11 or any other task force that need it. His height is 5'3 as he is quite short but it fits him for being a cloaking unit. He has blue eyes and has a huge scar on his face due to a fight against Chaos Insurgency and won against them. He is always stressed due to the fact that he is always either worried about his brothers or that one day Site Command will kidnap him. He has a voice modeler in his helmet to hide his true voice being quite high pitched but also speaks low tone.


"Akatosh" A person who has rose the ranks of Epilson-11 and was handpicked by Site Command for Assistant Site Director. Not a lot is known about him but he is seen as very questionable and stubborn although he does a good job.

Character Impactful Events: Matthew Sky was a 20 year old man who lived in Michigan and was a business owner of a weapon company and supplied military and PMCs. (Private Military Contractors) One day when Matthew was working at his job producing weapons a unknown squad of men called Chaos Insurgency breached into the production facility and kidnapped Matthew for questioning. Later, The Chaos Insurgency would beat him to the ground until he was begging and pleading for them to stop to ask what guns they are selling them for. He later answer the military. The Chaos Insurgency did not believe him and kept beating him. Luckily Epilson-6 heard about a kidnapped person around the area and they breached into the CI based and killed them. Matthew was later captured by Epilson-6 to ask for questioning and was brought up to the Site Director of the new facility Site-85. He was relieved of his duty working for the military selling them weapons and was offered a position inside Initial Security Team. He then joined Epilson-11 Nine Tailed Fox and his story continues.

- Character Opinions -

HATES: Class-D Personnel & Chaos Insurgency - "They are just really fucking annoying to deal with and quite incompetent."

DISLIKES: Research Agency - "They claim to be the best unit out there a bunch of bullshit in my opinion thinking that they are the top dogs of the foundation flexing their units and going off on us for no reason at all."

NEUTRAL: Medical & Epilson-6 - "They do their jobs very well and know what they are doing."

LIKES: Epilson-11, MU-4 & Site Command - "They are the type of people I look up and respect."


(OOC - Thank you for reading this. Please do not be discouraged due to my dislikes or likes it is all RP and in-character. I will update this in the future if anything to my character changes. I also am actively working on it due to being Site Command.)
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