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F:\\Site-85\Departments\Epsilon 6\Personnel\\'Raven'

[TM] Raven [SCP]

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1714285094108.pngLevel 4 Clearance Required. Unauthorized Entry To Encrypted Documents Will Be Persecuted To the fullest Extent Of The SCP Foundation Authority. Scroll Down To Continue.

Information: Blood type AB-

Code Name:

Full Name: Jeff ##### Plue

Department: E6 - "Epsilon 6"

Rank: Heavy Lead

Description: A small, goofy man. Appeared randomly, no one know where he came from. Good person, hate bad people. Mentally ill. He doesn't know his parents, he has trauma from his childhood about his parents. He is still trying to figure himself out, he has a mother now. Still doesn't know his place of birth.

Impactful Events: 4/##/#### Started almost a massive defect with 90% of E6, got all of them 'executed'. Getting taxed by CI now. // Impacts opinion on them. Drank some of SCP-035's black ooze, still in body. No one on site knows about that event. 4/29/## Drank some "Coffee" that an SCP gave me, teleported me somewhere and made my vision all blurry and I couldn't think at all. I lost my left foot from that event THEN ABLE TOOK MY RIGHT LEG. But the show must go on, 30 on 30. Radiation might shape blood...

Adoptive parent/parents: Downfall

Site is okay.

The site has therapy now.
'Echo' had given someone the equipment for expo spec but didn't even train them!
The site has a SEE wall... Whatever that means.
They fucking killed him. CI killed Echo, I swear I WILL get back at them.

CI - They smelly and mean to E6 :mad:
SCP-035 - Mask liquid tastes bad
Able - Took my right leg.

Goats. I don't need to explain it any more.
CI's road tax. I owe $500 now.

Mu-4: They're alright but could be better I guess.

Big gun
E6 - Me think they family to me. Me like them.

Thoughts on People:
SD is strange.
HOR is also strange.
ASD is also maybe possibly a bit strange.
The ASC is pretty chill.
Dr. Drive seems to be stuck up slightly, I'm sure the site or CI will break him soon enough.

E6 CPT 'Echo' I don't him that well, I miss my old cpt. I wish 'Rainbow' would come back :(


PERSONAL COMMS: Lazarus, 90% of E6, Dragon, HADES, Krumpet, VISION, Wheeler, DDoS, 'Tex', DEER, Phoenix.

'Downfall' - I may not have a mother, but she is the closet thing I have to one. That means something
Ace Sol - Saved My CPT's life. Amazing medic
'Tex' - Cool dude, good MRKS lead
Lazarus - Really cool girl, pretty chill, nice to me and uhhh broke her legs I think?

PERSONAL ITEMS: A rock, someone gave it to him when he was younger, no one knows who.
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