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[SA] Ghostly [SCP]

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Eric "Ghostly" Taylor

General Info
Eric Taylor
Codename: "Ghostly" TBD
Height: 6,4
Eye Color: Blue
Weight: 216
Hair Color: Brown
Date of Birth: 03/22/2001
Place of Birth: San Diego, California


Title: "How I got end up in this shit show."
Redacted Incident (254-A)
Foundation ID: 935231-BC
I remember it was one cold night like any other; I was outside guarding an outpost where I was enrolled into the Airforce (Military Police) Branch: -REDACTED- but it was like any other night when I saw an unknown object come crashing down over the base. I sounded the alarm, and my squad, at the time, followed the trail of destruction. It finally stopped after trailing the object for about a mile or two. I got there and looked very closely before getting out of the MRAP. It was some -REDACTED- I've never seen anything like it, and we were told to stand by for a unit I never heard of come and retrieve it. One of the guys, Richard, decided to go and check it out. After calling him and getting no response, I signaled my team and went there with him. It looked like that little, so I walked around to ensure everything was normal and out of place while looking for my buddy. I turned around to brief the squad to find out the seven of us, three were missing, plus Richard, and there was a hole on the side of the object that wasn't there before that was a complete void that stared back at us. I froze because I didn't know what I was looking at or do I know to this day, but as soon as I was about to yell "RUN," two more members exploded in front of me. We glanced at each other and started running while Philps, one of the surviving members, screamed at command to hurry up with that unit. I ran to the MRAP and was getting ready to leave and right when I sat down in the truck, trying to calm my breathing, I suddenly realized I was the only one to get in. I heard a growly sound and oze and looked over at the other MRAP with us and nothing, but there I realized that I aimed my gun at the windshield, ready for hell to break loose. I looked around and saw a ton of dark shadows moving around outside the vehicle. Then, all of a sudden, this heavy amount of force smashed the car, causing the MRAP to fly at least 30 feet, tumbling and crashing down, and it was instant lights out. While flipped over, I heard the sound of trucks and helicopters buzzing outside. I tried to get a glance and saw a lot of movement from people, but I didn't know what to do. I grabbed my pistol from my holster, hit the door failsafe button, and crawled out. Almost in seconds, I was surrounded by guns drawn on me screaming at me to state my name; I told them I needed to help my friends. My name is | Eric | Airforce Military Police | Branch: Redacted | A soldier walked over to me, helped me, and took me to one of the arrived trucks. While phasing in and out of consciousness, I saw multiple units in black running by us, guns ready. I looked at his outfit; he had a logo I had never seen. He sat me down, and I yelled that my team was still there. He looked me in the eyes and told me my team was almost 100% dead, and there was no point in trying that thing that took your team, which is something you can't kill that quickly. The fact you're still here shows how lucky you are to survive. I'm going to offer you two choices, the first one being..... REDACTED (WIP)

(DCB is WIP)​