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This file is property of the SCP Foundation.

Unauthorized access to SCP Foundation property will be persecuted to the fullest extent of the SCP Foundation Authority.

Level 3+ Clearance is required to view this file.

You have been warned.


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General Information

Name: Jacob Wilson

Gender: Male

Date Of Birth: 12/14/2001

Place Of Birth: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Occupation: Medical, Combative Personnel, Master Sergeant

Clearance Level: 3


Jacob Wilson is a somewhat ordinary person who enlisted in the military and went on to learn medicine with the goal of saving lives in the field. As an enlisted he was out on patrol with his squad of five when they were faced with an anomalous event, in that event two of his squadmates died while of the rest one was faced with a severe injury which would have been lethal were it not for Jacob's timely assistance.
They were explained the history of SCPs and of the Foundation and given the choice of whether to join the Foundation or to be amnesticized.

(Personal Opinions)​


Helping People - I love it, that's why I became a medic, a simple desire to save as many lives as I could.

Medical - I would trust each and every single person in this branch with my life, what more could I want.


The Foundation - The pay is decent, the colleagues are great, I get to continue doing what I've always wanted to do, just in a bit more different circumstances but I'm sure I can be even more helpful here.

Dr. Patters - Don't really know the man all that much, but the one experience I've had with him tells me that he's a kind person at heart, we need more people like him working here.

RA - There's some good, there's some bad, overall strange folk though.

Elijah Jones - Great help in the surgery room, great help on the field. He has one flaw though and that is how he portrays the conditions of the patients. I'm fairly certain each of his diagnosis have been a fair bit more negative than the situation actually was. I guess that's what having a patient die on you does to you though, haven't had that happen to me yet and I pray it never will.

Dr. Longly - I do not appreciate being threatened, but all things considered our cooperation went well enough, he hasn't sought me out for any other sketchy stuff at least.

ASD "Eve" - Doesn't really seem to care about D-Block, don't know how much she cares about any of the site if that's the case.

CI - The needless pain, suffering, death, destruction. It's too much, their crimes are too many, they need to exterminated down to the last insurgent. There is no good in their batch and their torture methods...only the cruelest of people could create those...

SCP-076 "Able" - If there was one SCP which I could remove from the site it would be him. At least with 106 you know when you see him that you should stay as far away as possible and that he is hostile. With Able he can be friendly one moment and have a violent outburst the next. I can't count the times that personnel have been hospitalized or killed by him. I do my best to sound friendly to him so I'm not the next one.
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