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Welcome to Site-85

Site-85 located in Cairo, Egypt is not only the most technologically advanced Site, but also the BEST Site!


Leading in Research

Our leading researchers are continuously innovating and collaborating to improve your workplace experience. The Site is powered by a Thermonuclear reactor making sure the site is never without power.


Site Command

With leaders that resolve issues on what matters most! Our friendly and responsible leaders carve the path to success in curating a future that provides for humanity.

D-class Workforce

To battle logistical and financial stresses. We have ensured a location for your less fortunate staff. They can regulate much needed stress and account for productivity. They will yearn for the mines!


Medical Necessities

The Site is accompanied by the most professionally trained individuals along with up to date medical technology. Even if you lose a limb the medical team will have you back up in a stitch!

State of the Art Containment Cells

Our highly advanced containment chambers are nearly impenetrable. To keep the secrecy of these anomalies, highly trained MTF soldiers are designated to these highly volatile area's to keep our members secured.

Recreational Activties

To ensure the safety and mental stability of our staff members. We have accommodated areas for recreational purposes. These area's are located in EZ where you can find the closest entrance/exit.

Advanced Storage

With your weekly supplies you can also request an immediate resupply. Quartermasters are trained individuals designated to handle your weapon orders and make sure the Site is ready for any encounter.

The World Beyond

Beyond the veil there is a wonderous world. However, we do express extreme caution as the world is mysterious. Distinguishing between friend and foe may just be your downfall.

J̵̤̋o̶̮̔̾͝ͅĩ̵̡̫̯̍̈́̃n̵̮͑ ̷͓͠Ų̶̼͙̐s̸͎̠̥͝ ̸̧͗̄͝T̵͍͇̖͗̀̀͘ȍ̷̅ͅd̶͖̜̯̾̊͘â̸̢̢̢̤͋ỳ̵͙̭̥̼̊̇!̵̘͈̞͊́͠

This was supposed to look a lot better, but we ran into issues. So this will be the lore page for now until we fix the issue. Thank you for understanding!
Not open for further replies.