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Site Technician Application

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Oliver Campbell

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  1. Which Job are you applying for?: Site Technician
  2. Give a detailed description of this Job in YOUR OWN WORDS (200 Words MINIMUM): Site Technicians, like most infrastructure staff, are tasked with the upkeep and maintenance of the site, in order to make sure that it is in tip top shape. While engineers deal with the designs for containment and electrical components, and Janitors are there to clean the containment cells and make sure they machines holding the dangerous creatures are working, the site technician is tasked with the coding and more hardware side of all of the systems. This ranges from not just containment cells, but also site wide computers and their files. Site Technicians do have access to higher level files, but only so that they are capable of managing the files and encrypting them so that CI cannot steal them (no peeking!). Site Technicians as well are tasked with the encryption of radios, as to make sure that CI are incapable of gathering information. Site Technicians play a pivotal role in the site, and are an important job to have. Just because they aren’t capable of taking down a giant lizard, or going on dangerous missions, doesn’t mean that they aren’t important. Everyone plays a role in this site, and if we all don’t work together, then that’s when CI can strike. We all work like cogs in a machine, and if one is out, then it all falls apart. So, in conclusion, site techs are non combative that play a pivotal role in the maintenance and protection of information.
  3. Since you are Site Staff, whose Orders do you PRIMARILY follow?: Site Command (or whoever needs assistance!)
  4. How is this Job used on our Server?: It is a non-combative that is used for fixing hardware, and scrambling comms.
  5. What will you do if someone asks for your help in the comms?: Ask them for their location if it wasn’t provided already, and as well ask them what they need if it wasn’t provided as well. Once you get there, help them as much as they need.
  6. If someone higher ranked than you orders you to leave an area, will you comply?: Yes
  7. If you have a problem with something or someone, who do you contact (In RP, not a Staff Problem)?: higher ups of the person, or higher ups who are equipped to solve the problem.
  8. Can this Job fear for its life?: yes
  9. Can this Job release SCPs?: no.
  10. How would you create RP with this job?: By working as an assist for factions, and helping fix issues with doors, computers, and radios. And as well, the constant battle against the Site Director for installing Bonzi Buddy over and over.
  11. Do you understand that, if you are found abusing this job, we will remove your whitelist? (Yes / No): yes
  12. Do you understand that site staff have their own ranks, and cannot progress as highly as other regular Foundation Jobs? (Yes / No): yes

  1. Have you ever been removed from this Job? (If so, please explain why?): no
  2. What is a "/me"? Please give an example: a /me is an action that is performed for a rp. And example would be ‘/me tackles John’
  3. If someone performs a "/me" against you, what do you do?: I would engage in the /me, and depending on the scenario, either rp it out or roll
  4. What is a "/roll"? Please give an example: a roll is a command that gives you a RNG from 1-100. This is used to determine who has the upper hand in a rp situation. Let’s say Person A rolls an 8, and Person B rolls a 63. That would mean B has the upper hand.
  5. What is RDM? Please give an example: Random Death Match. If a GENSEC PVT is killing fellow soldiers for no reason, that’s RDM, or more specifically MassRDM
  6. What is NLR? Please give an example: New Life Rule. When you die, you have to act as if they original stuff didn’t happen. An example of this is, if you are a rooting d-class, and get domed by a sniper, then you are no longer apart of the riot because your root reason was apart of the last life.
  7. What is FearRP? Please give an example: FearRp is when a person needs to act as if he’s fearing for their own life. If you are outgunned in a fight, you need to surrender.
  8. When a staff member tells you to get off the job, will you listen to them? (Yes / No): yes
  9. Do you understand that the goal of playing any Job is to roleplay, not get kills whenever you can? (Yes / No): yes

  1. What is the date? (DD/MM/YYYY): April 15, 2024
  2. What is your Discord name and Discord ID?: VoiceImp.Guy, voiceimpressionsguy
  3. What is your in-game name?: Oliver Campbell / Lil Gangsta Petey
  4. What is your SteamID? (Steam_64 - Example: 76561198062648488): 76561198213776451
  5. How many hours do you have in GMod, and how long do you think you've played on the server?: 2500, since it opened
  6. What other characters do you actively play as?: Lil Gangsta Petey
  7. Please list ALL of your warns and/or Bans: N/A
Not open for further replies.