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[ACCEPTED] Daimyos' Roleplay Application

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[AD] Daimyo [SCP]

Management Team
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Player Info

Name: Daimyo (Character: Jackson Higgs)

Discord (Your Default Username): iamdaimyo

Steam ID (Found Here): STEAM_0:0:127046348

Current Faction & Branch: Foundation, GENSEC

Rank Held (RP): Captain

Do you currently have a DCB? (If not please make one before submitting this application. Depending whether or not your application gets accepted, you will need to add these traits to it.): Yes. Link

RP Application Questionnaire

(Q)Please give an overview of what your RP application entails (200 words):

(A) Jackson Higgs (my character) obtained a computer engineering degree from the Georgia Institution of Technology. As such I want to make equipment so that way I can make use of this degree aspect I’ve added to my character. For the sake of character/technology development and roleplay, each device will be described and broken down into stages (aka upgrades that will be done over a couple of months). All equipment will be constructed with either scrap electronics or pristine electronics, SMT can make this decision. Note: Some of these I am aware may not require an RP application although they were put in in case any of the devices SMT/EMT don’t want to see in the server.

The Gauntlet is a Tablet/PDA device of which is equip able to the left forearm. The Gauntlet has similar functions to a PDA, it includes 3 dimensional scanning technology which allows it to scan surfaces or equipment for damages or wounds (In the case of people). The gauntlet can be used for multiple different activities with the scanning function. Such as adding additional contacts for communication purposes. Finally, it can scramble communications if attached with wires to the communications system. Below is an image of what the device would look like

Stage 1: Construction (Includes design, building, and an small event/interaction [Look at the bottom])
Stage 2: Scrambling capabilities
Stage 3: 3D dimensional scanning


Original image is a commissioned product for me.

W.I.S. (This would be developed once I have access to amnestics)
W.I.S. also known as the Wrist Injection System is used as an alternative to Class A-C Amnestics. The device, much similar to a wrist watch, wraps around a patient's wrist. With the included display, Amnestics Class A-C are all available for use. Additionally, the W.I.S. is able to be connected to an electronic device for specifying the Class C parameters to target specific memory.

Stages Not applicable because it would just be built with no planned upgrades.

Reality Anchor Belt (Name pending)
Similar to any other belt just is a reality anchor that you can wear around your waist.
Note: This was previously approved with the condition of it not being as powerful compared to a normal reality anchor.

Stage 1: Design
Stage 2: Obtain parts (Event applicable, look at the bottom)
Stage 3: Construction and usage.

(Q) If this application gets accepted, how can you see this RP benefiting your growth? (100 Words):

(A) This roleplay would benefit my own roleplay because I can use the technology to help create unique role play scenarios for myself. Instead of using my hands all the time, I would prefer if my character were in order to have a good combination of smarts with bronze. Next, the technology focused equipment would help my character be unique without breaking the boundary of unrealism/reason. Doing this would also relate to my character as he is quite the inventor. Finally, it would give me a personal connection to my character, allowing me to react more like he would (Great minds think alike) hence enhancing my roleplay.

(Q)If this application gets accepted, how can you use this RP to benefit other players’ characters in the server? (100 Words):

(A) While the equipment itself would only enhance roleplay in certain aspects such as the W.I.S. injecting into their wrist instead of other inhumane places or the 3D scanning technology be unique itself during medical or mechanical situations. To further enhance or benefit other roleplay, all projects would include the research department to help with design and construction. Additionally, I plan on having an apprentice, Jackson will teach him everything he knows (I also plan on teaching them some leadership stuff OOC). The apprentice will spearhead (with a group of other people) anything that is done outside of the research department (i.e. needing to grab parts to build the equipment). As such in return, some equipment (as approved by SMT/EMT) would be shared with the apprentice which of course would improve his roleplay as well.


For any stages that said “event”, would have some sort of special interaction/event where the group (that was mentioned earlier) would have to do in order to gain a part for the project. For example, they meet with a trader off base to secure the part needed.

The following conditions will be applied on Acceptance:

- Forging these devices must be an inclusive RP working with the appropriate people to provide the necessary resources (Site Tech’s, RA, etc.).

- Progress of build will be dependent on clearance and ability to collect the necessary resources in RP.

- Each stage must be tested and approved under Site Command’s supervision.

NOTICE: SMT reserves the right to revert the acceptance of this RP Application if deemed necessary.
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