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[ACCEPTED] Hypixel's Re-Submitted RP Application

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[FS | TM] Hypixel [SCP]

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Name: Hypixel

Discord (Your Default Username): hypixel007

Steam ID (Found Here): STEAM_0:1:104782176

Current Faction & Branch: Foundation Research Agent, although previously the character was a Site Agent

Rank Held (RP): RA PVT but has held a LT Position in SA 3 times

Do you currently have a DCB? (If not please make one before submitting this application. Depending whether or not your application gets accepted, you will need to add these traits to it.): Yes, https://forums.atlasuprising.com/threads/f-foundation_files-personnel-saber_pendragon.100/

RP Application Questionnaire

Please give an overview of what your RP application entails (200 words):

Please do note that due to Lore changes, this has been changed from the original Wrath to fit with new lore.
Wrath is a prototype developed by a Foundation Researcher in search of a way to preserve the human mind, should the human body grow too old. Saber Pendragon was the selected RA Personnel for use in this experiment due to him possessing little to no active presence on the internet, nor having any family members of any kind as they were all deceased after an attack by the U.S. Military.

Due to being developed by a Foundation Researcher, This model has been equipped with the same technology all RA Agents are equipped with for informational security during their protection detail. At the centre of its body lies a core that holds a projection of the brain used for its consciousness, that being the consciousness of Saber Pendragon. Due to this being a projection scan of the brain, Emotions are still existent within this model which is something they aimed to remove but could not find a way to perform.
Woven around its body are small cables similar to that of a nervous system. This stimulates the exo-brain to have the feeling of touch, this in turn makes it feel pain.

Log 27: An issue has arisen with the development of the exo project. Even though, they are of a different body, a different make. They still inherently possess fear. A fear of death and any attempts made to calm the subject hasnt worked.

Log 33: We've made some changes to the head, allowing it to be more punctual and be moved around. We want these to be as human as possible to make sure the controller feels right at home.

Log 45: There has come an issue with the memory core. It seems that these machines carry a limited amount of data due to the core being weaker than an actual living brain. This is peculiar, but this also means we need to maintain it and ensure wipes occur whilst being watched.

Log 57: These memory wipes have by far been interesting to say the least, to see a man who had years of knowledge turned into nothing more than a normal civilian is ridiculous to say the least! We've been archiving these memory wipes and have introduced it as a name primer, and with each wipe the number will increase. At the current moment, We are at Wrath-6. His 6th wipe as we have accidentally wiped him a few times unnecessarily when accessing his core.

Log 60: We've installed a password protection into the nape of his neck. The password should only really be known by high ranking research personnel... I'll send an email out to all high ranking researchers once this project is done.

Some Questions when it comes to this character:
How is one supposed to amnesticize a robot?
Obviously, you cannot inject or spray a robot

To amnesticize Wrath, You need to gain access to its memory core which is located on the nape of its neck and accessible with a password.

Is this character modifiable?
It can be modified and adjusted, but will require another person to do it, as the character is unable to affect itself (No Self-Upgrades basically)

If this machine was configured to work for the foundation, Can I switch them to the Chaos Insurgency?
Yes! This machine can be configured to work for the enemy, instead of the allies which is the fun part of this character!
This would require hacking into the back panel and rolling 85+ (as not to spam switching sides because then it gets confusing.)
(This can be a denied part of the character, its just to give more RP to either faction)

Can this character feel pain and have emotion?
Yes, it has wires going around its body that act as pain receptors, and due to the the scan of the human brain, This character has Human emotion. These emotions are noticeable through the face, its eyes and maybe a audio cue
GreenHappy -> Default Setting
BlackTurned off or not in AI Control (2nd option is to do with ECs and how a machine would interact with SCP-079 should it get close enough)

Can this character follow specific orders?
If the personnel member is a Level 5 (Can be modified), Orders will be executed upon demand.

What was the previous lore of this character?
Here is a old Personnel File for Wrath before the AU shut down which basically tells the story of Wrath from before then
If this application gets accepted, how can you see this RP benefiting your growth? (100 Words):
This Roleplay would help benefit my growth because it gives a unique RP experience not just for the players I interact with, but it also gives a unique RP experience for myself. Truth be told, I absolutely enjoyed playing as this character and would like to see him return with broom in tow, ready to be the Roomba the foundation needed! I just absolutely love robotic characters (i.e. Claptrap, Nick Valentine, GlaDos). Now yes, This machine is literally designed as a flaw but sometimes, a negative just pushes for more fun which would be a positive!

If this application gets accepted, how can you use this RP to benefit other players’ characters in the server? (100 Words):
One of the many things this character provides is a lot of RP when it comes to handling the character. This character can be damage, much like a human would which would provide engineers or site technicians RP. I've always noticed that there isn't much RP when it comes to Engineers and Site Techs.

Hacking is another obstacle that gives RP to whoever is hacking certified, including Site Technicians so if a CI High Command or a Foundation CO+ want to take a look at what the machine is storing, or just simply wipe its memory, this gives a more in-depth RP than just pushing someone into a room, equipping a gas mask and just spraying Class A.

This application has been conditionally accepted with the following additions:
- Your character cannot be hacked to change sides and must remain human to that extent.
- Your character must be modified to follow the appropriate PK guidelines.
- The password to be amnesticized will be removed to ensure you can be amnesticized just like anyone else.

NOTICE: SMT reserves the right to revert the acceptance of this RP Application if deemed necessary.
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