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[ACCEPTED] Nidus’s RP Application

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[AU] Wallflower4

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Name: wallflower4/Dr. Nidus

Discord (Your Default Username): wallflower4

Steam ID (Found Here): 76561198897026279

Current Faction & Branch: Chaos Insurgency RI

Rank Held (RP): Ambassador

Do you currently have a DCB? : Yes (a lil messed up cause of phone formatting shenanigans)

RP Application Questionnaire

Please give an overview of what your RP application entails (200 words):

Dr. Nidus, a longtime researcher of the anomalous, went on a trip to Minnesota to assist another cell with the investigation of a certain anomaly found deep in a cave.

They found strange ruins seemingly of a past civilization who worshiped some kind ice god or king. Nidus being the curious little guy he is, touched everything.

Some point during his poking around he knocked over some kind of pot, it shattered on the ground and a cyan gas went through the air.

Nidus at the time felt nothing wrong and continued with his journey, and by the time it was time to leave, his body fell ill.

With the story out the way I continue to the good stuff, The “Ice Disease” (Name Pending) It is a disease used by a cruel king to punish those who rebelled against his rule during his time, and it has only ever been recorded in ancient medical journals.

It causes whoever has it to very slowly freeze and turn ice, eventually leading to their demise. No cure has been found and can only be delayed by eating mass amounts of salt or being very hot and insulated.

It starts off as just a simple cold, but then you start to shiver, your hair begins to change to white, your skin becomes blue and cold, your sweat freezes, everything you drink freezes over, and lastly your blood freezes.

The disease is not contagious and cannot be spread by any KNOWN means

And of course this doesn't give Nidus any like ice powers like those of francis, you cant freeze things you touch, you can't get a bulletproof skin cause its frozen or anything of the sorts, it has 0 benefits aside from creating RP.

If this application gets accepted, how can you see this RP benefiting your growth? (100 Words):

I can see this benefiting my growth in a couple of ways, firstly it gives my character a solid goal aside from killing foundation and such, finding out more about his illness and attempting to cure it will allow me further improve my RP in tests, and with other people.
Also in my time in atlas i've always had a kinda basic RP most of the time, be it me just not branching out enough or maybe i'm just a wee bit boring, however I think if this application is accepted it would allow me to get a more unique RP experience for myself AND for others who I interact with.

If this application gets accepted, how can you use this RP to benefit other players’ characters in the server? (100 Words):

Now this is slightly dependent on if the disease is able to spread in one way or another,I intended this to be a thing just for Nidus but should whomever reviews this think that it would enhance rp in anyways such as Foundation research or RI researching into it for possible weaponization or cure searching I am very open to it.
But should it not be allowed to spread it will still open up a lot of scenarios such as research RP for a cure, Medical RP to control the increasing symptoms and severity, and even searching for the origins of such a disease.

(In the case this is DENIED please shoot me a message on discord explaining why and how I could improve it if possible :3​
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Notes: MGMT reserves itself the right to reverse this decision at any point in Time.
Additionally this disease may NOT spread.
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