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[ACCEPTED] Hypixel's Forum Staff Application

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[FS | TM] Hypixel [SCP]

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Name: Hypixel

DiscordID: 424923559203307534

Why do you want to be Forum Staff? (150 Words Minimum):
As a former Forum Manager, I would like to return to doing my forum staff infrastructure duties in keeping the forums as a safe space for the community. I would like to support in keeping a healthy stress-free space for our playerbase by both being active and supporting them should they have any questions with regards to the forums, and any technical issues should they arise because as we know, Gmod is old and buggy. Out of all the Garry's mod Communities I have visited, Atlas Uprising has been the 1% that keeps everything safe for both our under 18 players, and the community as a whole! Considering the fact that for the most part, AU is a US centred community, I am readily available most early-mid hours and I do have the tendency to stay up till 3am my time. For the most part though, I would just like to return and continue the duty I held back in ye olde 2021 (I think, It might've been 2020 tho) and support the forums!

Do you have any previous experience?:
I have previous experience as the AU Forum Manager, The Zenith Forum Manager, The UA Forum Manager. I have experience with using XenForo and its panel access which I did as the ZP Forum Manager.

Do you understand that positivity is key to being a member of the Forum Staff Team?:
Of Course!

Age: 19
+1, this is an amazing and trust worthy person. They where a great forum manager too.
Seems genuinely excited and ready to get back to helping the community and forums and looks to be more than competent enough to do so.
Please contact me in Discord soon.
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