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[ACCEPTED] Waters Forum staff application

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Name: Water Enthusiast

DiscordID: 539974382483668995

Why do you want to be Forum Staff? (150 Words Minimum): I want to be forum staff to increase my activity within the community and staff team, I want to try to help with others on the forums, I want to give my time within the community to help people with problems on the forums or anything they need changed on the forums. I want to be forum staff in order to help me work more with others and to get along with other people and seeing if they have any complaints within the forums and what we could change on the forums for a better time on it. If I am Forum staff I will do my best at making sure the forums are a safe and a wonderful place to visit and chat with others without trouble of other peoplr causing problems. I am willing to learn the ropes of doing the activities of a Forums staff and improving to become a great forum staff member.

Do you have any previous experience?: No

Do you understand that positivity is key to being a member of the Forum Staff Team?: I understand

Age: 17
Please contact me in Discord soon.
Not open for further replies.