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[ACCEPTED] Soups Based Application

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[FS] Soup

Forum Staff
Forum Staff
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Name: Soup

DiscordID: 472287604134379531

Why do you want to be Forum Staff? (150 Words Minimum):
I wish to be forum staff because of my love for this community and that it allows me to expand my ability to help moderate the server's environment. Cultivating positive areas of influence is a passion of mine, and handing out advice is a second favorite. Being a forum staff member would allow me to achieve this while also contributing to the community as a whole alongside the fact that it would also help me cultivate other peoples careers so that they too can learn and experience the things I have enjoyed in this community. Another good reason for my desire to join the FS Team is to (hopefully) greatly expand my continued experience with forum staffing in general, last time it was an adventure and a half; and it’s my hope that it’ll be an experience that shall help me resume that awesome journey. Overall, I want to join to have fun and let others have fun all the while cultivating the right environments that AU has set as its standard.

Do you have any previous experience?:
Yes, I used to be a SFS before AU closed before.

Do you understand that positivity is key to being a member of the Forum Staff Team?:

Please contact me in Discord soon.
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