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[ACCEPTED] Oxide's App

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[FS] Oxide

Forum Staff
Forum Staff
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Name: Oxide
DiscordID: 449623049101377536

Why do you want to be Forum Staff? (150 Words Minimum): I have a few reasons I want to be forum staff. One big one is I love the community and what it brings and how it values it's players. I have always felt welcome here and I would love to give back. Another reason is I never was forum staff before and I would love to try something new and out of a comfort zone. I think it be an experience and let me get a different feel for staff. Another reason is I am already discord staff and I want to help on different areas as much as possible. Being in game staff was fun but took a bit of my experience when RPing. I feel like forum staff would give me more freedom and since its fresh it gives a more fresh start to being able to help and get the hang of things. Over all I want to just give back and have fun doing soon.

Do you have any previous experience?: Yes, SCP-RP staff and EC, discord staff, TS staff

Do you understand that positivity is key to being a member of the Forum Staff Team?: Yes

Age: 18
Please contact me in Discord soon.
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