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Butch is the name and containment's the game.


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Greetings! It is wonderful to be back, if you know me you know me by Butch Bronko from GENSEC and you'll still know me by that for a long while to come as I hope to accomplish what I had gotten done during the last iteration as well as reaching new heights as I'm going after that GENSEC Heavy Lead spot. I thoroughly enjoy almost anything considered "Nerdy", D&D, Warhammer (and its wide varieties), MTG, VR, and of course, video games. I also dabble in creative writing, video editing, and amateur-level VA work and hope to make it a career one day. Aside from that, I do hope to try some of the other roles this server has to offer as last time I pretty much exclusively played GENSEC with a little CI on the side. Either way, It is a pleasure to be playing again with you wonderful people and I look forward to the stories that are yet to be told, I will see you all server-side. Adios!
Heya Butch! I've seen you in-game already and I'm pleased to have interacted with you when did, I hope you achieve your goal of heavy lead in the future as well, you've got this!