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Dan =)

[JA] Dan™ [SCP]

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First of all wanted to stated, How it feels to be back!

Hello you wonderful peeps.
Some may know me, Some may remember me, some may have forgotten about me.
Well I am here to say Hey and pleasure to be back.
For those that do not know me; Hi, I am Dan and here is some info about me.
Previous Certified Able main.
Ex E6 Lt and branch lead.
Ex DOM. - Interim
Ex SA SQL - Interim
Previous LA For SCP from 2022-2023
Previous AD For CWRP -2023-2023 [RIP]
Staff Trainer.
Certified menace.

Wonderful to see you all again, Hope we can make good friends you bunch of wonderful people
There was the bird cannon, the bird court case for birdnapping, and the murder of said bird.
The court case was not my fault.
It was E6 against NTF for ownership of the bird.
So after the court case it was shot, 2 birds one stone.
Lunatic's bird? The bird owned by Lunatic? The Lunatic in Medical? That's an E6-NTF Case?
Pretty sure this guy made me lose an eye once, was not very fun :(
Quiet was pissed...