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Katsumoto or Katsu


Management Team
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HI everyone, Katsu speaking. :)

Some of you may know me, whether that was when I was in Executive Management or perhaps you remember a certain CI Commander or Clone High General.
You may remember me as Yoda, Chancellor Palpatine, CG Commander Fox, Johnny Joggers, Lola 'Bri-ish Chimp', CI Commander Reign, and more....

I hope the holidays have treated you all well, and Happy New Year!
This year is going to be an exciting one for us, as our incredible community gathers back together to bring back what I would say is the most fun, and least toxic environment in all of GMOD. At Atlas Uprising since the beginning Soul and Mal made sure that if Atlas Uprising did anything differently, it would be a safe space where any player could play without having to worry about having a average experience. Atlas Uprising from the beginning was always an enhanced GMOD experience, and this year it only gets better for us.

Without time and effort, Atlas Uprising would not be re-launching. Please when you get the chance to thank Mal, and Soul again for their hard work for re-launching AU. Please also thank Caboose, Mediner, myself if you wish, and all other SMT for stepping up and making sure this community runs. This place holds dear to a lot of us players, and its all of our jobs to make sure that it continues to be something were all proud of.

Let us re conquer the SCP Scheme...

It is wonderful to see familiar names and new ones come back to AU for the first time or not. To this day, Atlas Uprising has had a profound impact on me and I have made many good friends I consider Family in this Community. I will be making a return, and will have an active part in the Community in some way. I will be working hand in hand with Soul and Mal, and the rest of the Management Team to ensure that whatever skills I bring to the table will be used to bring content and other things for our players. I look forward to speaking with you all.

- Katsu

Welcome back to Atlas Uprising! Katsu to chaotic gremlin, way back in the day I remember you as one of the most friendliest leaders as CMDR! Excited to see what you got cooking!