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[COMM] Zaur

Management Team
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Hello friendos!

The name be Zaur, I work as the Communications Manager of Atlas Uprising! What does this mean? Essentially I work as MGMT's secretary and keep them on track for tasks and whatnot. I also oversee Infrastructure Staff, assist with leadership, and work with the rest of Management on our tasks!

Why did you literally stay in AU for a year while it was inactive? Mainly cause I loved the community, the kindness and compassion people showed rather than most platforms where people will compete and argue over arbitrary topics. I also am very invested in the RP that comes with AU, those really heavy moments and terrifying shows of performance from others.

What's your plan now? I'm currently going to firstly be working as the first CI Commander! My goal is to change the way CI RP's and ensure that CI's quality is assured. I want CI to act as more of a dictatorship and antagonist rather than trying to pretend to be the good guy to The Foundation. My philosophy is that if you capture some E6 and give them quality RP that they enjoy from an OOC perspective, I don't mind what you do from that point on so long as it follows AU Guidelines. I want CI to act as a villain and display certain aspects of RP that were underused before.

Other stuff... I'm currently in college, studying in Elementary Education and working to become a teacher! I enjoy helping people grow and just enjoy themself! Help them learn the basics and whatnot. I also have ADHD, more on the anxious side of things, so while I do act all crazy and stuff and a go-getter, usually I'd give myself space to step back after a bit to recharge. My main advice to y'all is to recognize when you need to give yourself some space to decompress and think things over.

In any case, love y'all! Stay safe and I hope you enjoy the server! <3
Traitorous Scum, I shall see your demise soon on the battlefield.(Zaur is CI Commander!? POGGERS!)
Zaur is one of my dearest of friends i've met on AU. He was the reason why my character defected and helped me with a lot of EC stuff. Hope this time Alastair wont die 🙏
zaur is not real, if any individual try's to tell you they are a 'zaur' please report them to ntf immediately so they can be quarantined, there may have been a breach (i hope you are well you goober)