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Hello there! I am Darks_Llama, but you can call me Llama. As the server reopen anew I figured it might be a good time to reintroduce myself.

-=My story with AU=-
I started my journey in AU on the V6 update. I joined the E6 as my first faction. Not long after I became 2LT with wonderful friends. I had my own little RP going on at the time but all was about to change when I defected to CI. Not even three days after I was SPK. That was the end of the Alastair "Kairos" Anchor. I continued my journey as a member of the Event Coordination team. Once again, after a good 3-4 month I became LEC. I was part of many event and even made some of mine. For example the "Hotel RP", the "Amuka" events and the "Souls" events. All of them where part of a main event in the making, the "Reference Storyline" event, or the "Syndicate" events (which I hope to achieve making and finishing it this time). In the meantime, I also played very few often as Rick Anchor and Zachariah Anchor. But before I knew it I got busy with a lot of IRL stuff and couldn't play as much anymore.

-=A bit of myself=-
I enjoy a lot of things, musics and video games are my top 2. I am bilingual in both French and English as I live in Quebec. I love to interact with people and create friendships along the way. One of my biggest achievement, that follows the trend of very fast promotion, is that in my current job I achieved the highest position I can be for my age (I only worked there or 7 month). I also like to write when I have time. In this moment I am writing the Reference Storyline as my personal project.

Well that's all folks! See ya around :]
Welcome back to Atlas Uprising! My man here has made a huge impact on my characters, so I'm really excited to see what you're cooking this time around!