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The Story Lord's Reintroduction


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These are some things I rarely do, but since we are coming to a relaunch and I get to see a lot of familiar and new faces, I'd think now would be a great time more than any to bring a reintroduction for all ya nerds.

I am one of the many OG's here much like Deluxy, Verry, Katsu, and many others that have been here since Atlas Uprising's first year in 2020. But unlike those others, I am
the OG AU member. Back in December of 2019 the idea of "Atlas Uprising" was just a joke tossed around between myself, Soul, and Mal. I have been a part of many communities the two titans have ran back then and after some mild successes and shortcomings, the idea of having another Garry's Mod server back then would've just been laughable. One day the conversation was brought up once more when Soul and I were talking over DM's of the prospect of making a better GMod server. Before that happened, Soul and Mal were considering the prospects of opening an SCP-RP server this time rather than starting off with CW-RP (the past few communities that were ran by them were Star War RP Servers. Feel free to check the episode of this podcast here if you wish to learn more!) After the conversation Soul spoke to Mal once more and the blueprints for Atlas Uprising hit the boards and the Discord server was created on December 16th, 2019.

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First announcement made. Deleted User was my old account before it got hacked X_X.

While development happened the expectations we had were low but hopes were high. Mal developed the server from the ground up without features that we would only dream to have today; and through thick and thin Atlas Uprising was born with release on January 11th, 2020 (4th Anniversary coming next week!).

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The announcement that sparked the birth of a Revolutionary Community.

Since the first day I have always knew that Atlas Uprising was destined for great heights, and eventually outreaching far beyond Garry's Mod. As someone who has been with multiple communities in the past, Atlas Uprising is without a doubt the best one in this game. Both Soul, Mal, and many other great friends I have made throughout the journey have helped me grow in this community, helping me realize my shortcomings to help me become a better person and eventually grow to become a model leader. I eventually made it up to a Director/EMT position helping to oversee our management and to help upkeep the quality of RP within the community. And now, my goal is to come back and resume what I started; helping to forge a great community with storytelling, promoting RP across the board, and helping others to become leaders and ensuring they have the best of times in this community. I cannot wait to begin this journey with you all once more and cannot thank Soul and Mal enough for giving me the opportunity to pick up where I left off once more. Without their work and time they put in to this project, none of what you see here would've been possible. Looking forward to seeing all of you in-game and if you ever want to chat, feel free to always hit me up on Discord 😊

Yikes this man must have the yappers disease. All ya had to say was that your a die hard starwars fan.
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