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Personnel Details Identification Image
Name: Saber Pendragon
Callsign: “Wrath”
Age: 21
Gender: M
Height: 6’7”
Weight: 175 lbs
Eye Color: Crimson Red
Eye Color Info: Interchangeable via Lenses
DoB: 13th February 1998
Current Position: Undergoing Processing
Clearance Level: N/A
Specialization: N/A
Unit Code: 007-245-78294
ID: |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
Saber Pendragon | Off Duty | Taken from CCTV Footage

>=[Extended Physical description]=<
>Black hair
>Naturally Red Eyes
>Scar over his left eye
>Slim build
>Wear glasses off duty

>=[Psychological Description]=<
>Not the best at socializing
>Prefers to be serious

>Paying attention to detail

>=[Personal belonging's]=<
>No Belongings have been included in this documentation

ERROR -> No Relatives have been added.
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>=[OOC History]=<

>Wrath is a former operative who worked in 3 known sites at this moment. Site-05, Site-65 & Site-92. Unfortunately, not much information could be gathered in his years spent at Site 05, from our understanding that site ended with a nuclear detonation destroying its entire surroundings.

>Following up upon Site-65, whilst it seems he tried to hide it, We know that he was a previous {DẢ̵̡̝͎̦͌̈̚͝ͅTA̵̢̢̧̱̫̫̹̣̟̟͚̫̟̲͇͚͖̳͉̝͓̗̬̱̻͈͉̪͔͉̺̟̻͚͋͛̉́̈́́̆̐̚̕͜ DE̸͕͈̰̳̣͎̤̤͈̦̘̘̜̞̱̤̭̭̥̣͔̱̿̀͆͜STRO̷̢̧͔̰̼̙̹͓̰̼̲̤͈̺͓̥̳͍̮͎̹̙̻̟̯͓̍̉̄͆̀̎͑̂̐̈̀̈́ͅYED} who had defected from the Foundation as a Site Agent 1LT. As Foundation Personnel, his time within CI is obscure, and more importantly unknown. It seems Wrath had retired from Chaos Insurgency to, rather than be in the 2 opposing forces, instead make his own GOI. This links him up to one of the bigger Anomalies we had to face at Site-65. CODE-NAME: {DẢ̵̡̝͎̦͌̈̚͝ͅTA DELĘ̷̧̡̢͕̪̪̬͈̹̖̞͚̼̥͍̝̮̮̞̮̅̀̏͛̚͜TED} and a GENSEC going by the name of Lewis. This anomaly shares a family relationship with the anomaly known as {DẢ̵̡̝͎̦͌̈̚͝ͅTA̵̢̢̧̱̫̫̹̣̟̟͚̫̟̲͇͚͖̳͉̝͓̗̬̱̻͈͉̪͔͉̺̟̻͚͋͛̉́̈́́̆̐̚̕͜ DE̸͕͈̰̳̣͎̤̤͈̦̘̘̜̞̱̤̭̭̥̣͔̱̿̀͆͜STRO̷̢̧͔̰̼̙̹͓̰̼̲̤͈̺͓̥̳͍̮͎̹̙̻̟̯͓̍̉̄͆̀̎͑̂̐̈̀̈́ͅYED}, although it is unknown as to the status of both of these anomalies. Sometime during his interactions with these anomalies, Wrath had lost his life, leading him to be revived into an instance of{DẢ̵̡̝͎̦͌̈̚͝ͅTA COŖ̸̖̟͔͍̥̜̳̖̀̄̏́̅̌̑̈́Ȑ̷̠̼̦͇͚̝̮͔͇̪͍̬̜̟̥̲̖̘̲̝̟͇̟̳̘̱̮̖̔̚͠͠UPTED It is unknown how this occurred, but we believe it to be one of the 2 Anomalies formally spoken of.

>Interestingly, during the late days of Site-65, Wrath had popped up out of nowhere as a D-Class. It's unknown how it occurred, but it did and through this Wrath joined Medical as a D-Class Intern, eventually allowing him to join our ranks again. Months later, Wrath rejoins the Site Agency and climbs his way up, making connections with the likes of a RRH named ‘Yokai’ and a few important personnel such as Site Command.

>Site-92. Well, The transfer to this site was interesting, and it seems Wrath held an interest for joining the Red Right Hand. Unfortunately for him, as he would soon come to know that it would never happen, most of the site agents were brought into RRH, but Wrath was left behind… discarded. Honestly, writing this up is quite heartbreaking. Following issues with certain personnel, PSI-8 “{DẢ̵̡̝͎̦͌̈̚͝ͅTA DELĘ̷̧̡̢͕̪̪̬͈̹̖̞͚̼̥͍̝̮̮̞̮̅̀̏͛̚͜TED}” was called in, leaving the site to perish in fear as they were {DẢ̵̡̝͎̦͌̈̚͝ͅTA̵̢̢̧̱̫̫̹̣̟̟͚̫̟̲͇͚͖̳͉̝͓̗̬̱̻͈͉̪͔͉̺̟̻͚͋͛̉́̈́́̆̐̚̕͜ DE̸͕͈̰̳̣͎̤̤͈̦̘̘̜̞̱̤̭̭̥̣͔̱̿̀͆͜STRO̷̢̧͔̰̼̙̹͓̰̼̲̤͈̺͓̥̳͍̮͎̹̙̻̟̯͓̍̉̄͆̀̎͑̂̐̈̀̈́ͅYED} one by one.

> Its unknown as to why Saber was working within the SCP Foundation, he's been around but hes somewhat of a ghost, his movements arent very loud and his Social and Networking Footprint is almost null. Saber has been transferred to a new site thats been built quite recently. We'll keep an eye on him there for any sudden movements. He has been amnesticized of any prior information, and it cannot be recovered.
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